JOIN An ACTION PLAN for “Better Dwarka Model” for Happy Independence..

Dear Residents of Dwarka , Readers of Dwarka Parichay & the Civic-Authorities of Dwarka

Let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a VERY HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.

This is my ardent desire & earnest wish, like all of you, that we make our DWARKA a better[than today], well-governed, managed, maintained & organised sub-city, of which we all- its residents, become proud of & in the next Independence Day speech,the Prime-Minister makes a mention of our `DWARKA Model`, for the other cities & its colonies, to emulate it & the LG & CM Delhi quote about it in their various references!?

You may ask, how can it be possible?

To my mind, it is possible & we can do it all together, if we decide to do it.

Well, here is an ACTION PLAN—–

-Dwarka a well planned sub-city of DDA, presently as per rough estimates has population of about 5.5 lakhs which will increase in the days to come.

-Most of its residents reside in CGHS high rise flats which are managed by the respective RWAs.

-Almost all those residents are very well connected, educated, placed & have been placed[retired] in life.

-Most of them with the grace of God are healthy, have zest for life & possess passion to do some tangible things for the society & thus their Dwarka.

-Their children go to the best of schools-some of these are located in Dwarka, itself.

-Because of their desire to improve their neighbourhood there are many active e-groups operating in the area.some of the ones which I am aware about are-Dwarka Forum, Sukh Dukh Kay Saathi & many groups of the ladies.

-They engage on regular basis with the concerned authorities for many local civic issues & as well send out reports about the meetings to their google-group members.

-There are very active, vigilant & well read neighbourhood newspapers, portals like Dwarka Parichay & local Radio network-Dwarka Radio which specialise in Dwarka activities & events etc etc.

Besides, there are well aware- youth & active residents of many transformed villages in this area

It is however felt as under-

-Their need to be aggressive & active engagement from the concerned civic authorities-DDA,MCD, BSES, DJB, MTNL, DTC,Delhi Metro,various service providers like IGL, AirTel,Vodafone,Tata Sky,Police i/c Traffic Police,Environment Department of Delhi Govt etc etc to CONVERSE on regular basis, with Dwarka residents & its civil-society groups i/c Schools-Principals,Institutes-Directors,representatives of RWAs & Traders Associations,to seek their ideas & support on regular basis to help them in keeping Dwarka improved & well maintained.

The residents & traders are BIG ASSETS.

Let the senior officers of these civic bodies, Police, service providers shed their EGO, & set up a CARING system which lends ears to the hardships & urgent needs of the residents & then ACT to solve these problems e.g. encroachment in the markets, proper parking of vehicles i/c parking/transport woes, arbitrary toeing of vehicles, scarcity of water, broken roads-footpaths, garbage mis-management, non working traffic lights,inadequate road-signs/names, to name a few.

I, have been, myself, an official of a New Delhi Local Body for about 35 years & as per my personal experience, a little effort & initiative from the authorities will get BIG positive response from the PUBLIC & CIVIL SOCIETY of Dwarka

As the DIRECTOR of Giraffe Heroes India Program,we plan to start `OUR DWARKA CONVERSATIONS`[details in my next mail] in association with DWARKA PARICHAY & some other like minded organisations to involve the elected representatives, Authorities & Dwarka -Residents/ Traders, to start with, in giving on REGULAR basis, ideas to better Dwarka & then making joint efforts to IMPLEMENT those ideas.

I also again invite the residents to send their nominations for the commendations of GIRAFFE HEROES. More details about it, are at

or with Dwarka Parichay

With my very best wishes

Vijay K. Saluja
Ex Chief Engineer[civil] New Delhi Municipal Council
Ex President ,IIT Delhi Alumni Association
& Senior Fellow-Institute of Social Sciences,New Delhi