Concentration is very important. Says Tavleen Arora


“Concentration is very important. If we will not do concentration we can’t do anything. for eg-my father always concentrate while reading a book.”  Can you imagine who quote this. Yes, She is none other than a Youngest Indian Author Tavleen Arora.  The above lines are taken from her book PEP TALKS released on 25th May, 2019 at CM Deshmukh Auditorium, India International Centre, New Delhi.  At the time of  Tavleen’s debut book release function many veteran author like Jolly Uncle, Shammi Sukh, Mukesh Bhatanagar, Advocate Subhash Sharma, Babu Lal Jain, Author Sherry (her Father), Media Celebrity Sharad Kohli, Sunil Bhanot, Dr. Gagandeep Kaur Gulati blessed her personally. Her book is published by “The Book Line” Publisher-who are known for promoting budding authors.

Now, Tavleen  must be the proud student of  prestigious St. Thomas School, Dwarka.  She is really keen learner and only eight years old. In her book,  she wrote twelve chapters: Why I love my School, My Father is my best friend, My family, What do you want to become when you grow up, Books are our best friends, Attend and Participate event, Public speaking, power of Sub Concious Mind, Positive thinking & Happiness, Helping others, Health is wealth & last but not least Concentration.  While talking to Dwarka Parichay Tavleen reveals that she invested around four months completing her first book. She further adds that she loves to spend lot of time thinking, watching television, reading & keen to know what people do.  Her nick name is  Raunak that really suits her talented personality.  

Interestingly, writing book is in the blood of Arora Family. Because you will be surprised to know that her grandfather has recently wrote a book titled “Deep Ka Safar” & even her father Author Sherry has already written a best seller book named “Unleash the Hidden Potential”.  Tavleen is very much inspired by the thoughts & positive vision of her   parents   as well as grandparents. That’s the reason, Tavleen even excelling as author & orator. Tavleen is not only Pride of Arora Family but also St. Thomas School.