Court’s Order : Dwarka Water Supply

Dear Members,

We need to file a PIL for proper water supply in Dwarka Subcity where the present requirement of water as per DDA estimate is 10 MGD but in the reply they (DDA & DJB ) have submitted before Hon’ble Delhi High Court in the matter of Prof. Nawal Singh’s case the respondents (DDA and DJB) have replied that they are supplying only 2.8 MGD to Dwarka due to shortage of water. In the reply filed by the DDA it has been told that the construction work for Water Treatement Plat of 50 MGD capacity will start soon and it will take further 4-5 years to complete the project.The land for the construction of 50 MGD WPT has been transferred to DJB by DDA recently whereas the Court had directed in the year 2004 to the heads of both the organizations in a matter of S. B. Tripathy Vs. DDA.

Recently Hon’ ble Supreme Court of India while hearing a Writ Petition(c) 230 of 2001 filed by one of my collegue Mr. M. K. Balakrishnan the court have directed to the Central Govt. to conduct scintific research for the source of ground water as well as any cheaper process for converting sea (saline) water into fresh water.

It is very interesting to note that in a survey done in the year 2003 the estimated requirement for Dwarka Sub city has been shown 80 MGD whereas DDA is constructing 50 MGD WPT which will we ready in 4-5 years. And again no source of raw water has been disclosed by them. Frm where the raw water will be supplied and what are those authentic sources of water as projected by the respondents i.e. DDa and DJB.

Now the question is that from where the remaining water is being supplied ?

1. Is there any water mafia already operating in the subcity ?
2. Is that we are surviving on 1/3 of water available to us ?
3. Is that 2/3 packaged water we are puschasing per day per family ?
4. Is that we are extracting ground water for the survival ? If yes then whether that water is potable ?
5. Is that every society and DDA pockets have installed water purifying plants in the sub city ?
6. If yes then whether purifying plants are working properly and whether that is cost-efective ?
7. whether we know that how much TDS levels have increased in the subcity in the last 5-7 yrs. due to illegal extracting of ground water ?
8. Whether to maintain ground water level either Govt. or we as a society are taking any required steps ?

Therefore we all the members of this esteemed organisation and the residents of Dwarka Sub City are required to think and act in advance to save our future from the ultimate need of WATER to save our life.