Covid-19 center should be removed from residential area of Shalimar Bagh

(Dwarka Parichay News Desk)

New Delhi April 20, 2020 Several Resident Welfare (RWA) in the Shalimar Bagh have severely objected to setting up of Covid-19 centre in Maharishi hospital in BW block in Shalimar Bagh as it is in thickly populated residential area

“ The hospital being converted as Covid-19 centre is in thick populated area surrounded by Various Jhuggi clusters . We have approached area Couseller as well as MLA in the regard requesting them to shift it elsewhere “ said Mr Ritesh Dewan , Secretary Delhi Residents forum and Former president of & resident of CA block Shalimar Bagh

“We have been informed that the Delhi CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal Ji has given orders to convert Khosla/Maharishi Hospital in shalimar bagh , adjacent to BW block , as Covid-19 Center to keep the corona patients . Being the councillor of the area , residents and all the rwas of all the blocks(BW,BP,BQ,BI,BT,U & V, BH CA & CA JJ cluster west etc ) of Shalimar Bagh have approached me with their resentment. Due to thickly populated area , it is not advisable as it is Surrounded by JJ clusters ( U n V sewa Basti plus Village Singalpur) near by . “ said Tilak Raj Kataria , leader of the house , North Delhi Municipal Corporation .