Join the site visit regarding Dwarka Sub-City Issues on Traffic & Transport

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No. F. 6(144) 2010/UTTIPEC/D-14 Dated: 21.01.2011


A Joint Site Visit on the issues related to Dwarka has been scheduled on 27.01.2011 at 2.30 P.M. The meeting point shall be the Junction of Palam Marg & road leading to Gopinath Bazar ( Indian Oil Depot./junction). The references received from Mr.C.K.Rejimon, President, Dwarka Forum & Mr.L.N.Modi, D.G., Rashtra Nirman are enclosed which will be taken up for discussion during the visit.

You are requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the same.


( P.K.Behera )


Letter to Sh. P.K. Behera, Joint Director (Plg.), UTTIPEC regarding Dwarka Sub-City Issues on Traffic & Transport

                                       DF/2011/UTTIPEC /1/001 Dated: 17 January 2011

Sh. P.K. Behera
Joint Director (Plg.), UTTIPEC
2nd Floor, Vikas Minar, New Delhi- 110002
(M) 9968298659

Subject: Dwarka Sub-City Issues on Traffic & Transport
Ref: Our Tele conversation on 3/9/2010 with President of Dwarka Forum

Refer our emails dated 13/11/2009,25/2/2010, 3/3/2010, 21/5/2010, 15/6/2010, 22/7/2010, 4/8/2010

Tel Discussion with Shri. Ashok Bhattacharya, Director dated 18/8/2010 and 3/9/2010 Our Letter dated 6 September 2010 Ref No DF/2010/UTTIPEC /09/001
Our letter dated 11/11/2010 and Meeting with you on 11/11/2010.

As discussed sir, the Dwarka Sub-City has serious Traffic and Transport Problems. We would like to sum up some and propose few issues are as follows :

1. Problem Areas of Existing Infrastructure: (Details are already conveyed in our letter dated 6/9/2010)

a. Dwarka LINK Road (1): Crossing at SAMALKH Red light and move towards NH-8 and One road goes to Old-Delhi Gurgaon road towards Kapasehra Border –Udyog Vihar.

Solution: As suggested earlier re-design T Junction URGENTLY, The Repair of O-D-G Road by PWD (Responsible Division PWD-M111 Division).

b. Dwarka-Palam-Flyover (2): This begins Sector 6/7/2/3 toward Domestic Airport. The Red light at Indian Oil depot and road junction towards Delhi Cantonment , Gopinath Bazar..

The Problem areas: The non standard speed breaker at flyover. The red light at crossing near sector 6/7/2/3. The Indian Oil Junction Red Light and Service/Slip road usage restriction by Army with force. Road constructed and maintained by DDA FO Div I.

Solution: The removal and installing standard speficification speed breakers. New Flyover at Dwarka sector 6/7/2/3 Crossing along with widening of the roads. A Flyover or under pass at Indian Oil T Junction.

c. Bijwasan-Kapasehra Rail Over Bridge: The SE MCD (Rajesh Arora) updated the construction is full swing. We suggest on the date of your site we may visit the site if its convenient.

2. Propose a 3rd New Road route from Dwarka Sector 8 near SPG Junction (Shahabad Station) connecting IGI Airport T-3 Tunnel Road.

3. Any other alternate route that UTTIPEC may suggest to reduce and also as mid term/long term plan when the Dwarka Sub-City will have 100% occupancy(expected by 2013).

Please let us also know date of site visit to Dwarka/Samalkha/.

We look forward to
Yours sincerely,
President- Dwarka Forum

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