CRPF Officials Dead in Road Accident in Dwarka; Police Department Must Take Corrective Measures

You must be aware of the serious accident that took place yesterday in Dwarka near Sector 16B Intersection. 3 Officials of CRPF died in the accident where a collision took place between the CRPF Bus and a Truck. 

Accidents at this intersection is nothing new. People in the vicinity can tell how frequently accidents take place here and the police records also must be having it. Most of the accidents are minor but vehicles do get damaged and there is a continuous risk to life due to such frequent accidents. 

I don’t want to put the entire blame on the Police Department but yes, Delhi Police and Delhi Traffic Police both are guilty of negligence as far as this particular place is concerned. I have a few reasons to say so.

1. Traffic Signal here doesn’t work most of the times. Even if it does, its malfunctioning. Even today morning I visited the place and found many of the lights in the signal were not working. Photograph is being attached.

2. Since IP University is very near, hundreds of students pass from this intersection everyday. Most of them dangerously take a turn into the service lane or simply drive on the wrong side. Not even a single policeman is seen around to stop them.

3. Auto-rickshaws, E-Rickshaws, etc are always found driving on the wrong side carrying University students/staff.

4. A Police Chowki is there near the university but not even a single staff person is found outside to keep an eye on the activities.

When so many accidents are being reported from the same point and complaints are being made for non-functional traffic signal, it is the responsibility of the police department to take n/a. Now since a severe accident has taken place at this place in question, I would request you to kindly deploy Police Officials at the intersection and do the needful.

If you require any support from my side in form of volunteers to assist the Traffic Police in doing a special drive, kindly let me know.

Citizen’s Reporter
Shobhit Chauhan

President – Ek Sangharsh (Regd. NGO)