Poems By Vani Joshi

World of Dreams!

I entered into a world of dreams, everything seemed quintessential. No worries, no pain
all were smiling with no sign of vain.
There I saw a girl sitting right next to an oak tree, murmuring something under her breath.
She looked woebegone,
And started crying inconsolably
I asked “what’s wrong?”
“why am I a misfit in a world that seems so         perfect?”
I suddenly opened my eyes, drenched in sweat, not realizing I had slept under the oak tree.
Where I was writing a quintessential story of my own world.

Books- the world in a world!
The connections and emotions beautifully portrays the power of words, getting lost in a book is like dancing to music you know will end but your feet will still move rhythmically,

 Getting lost in a book is the feeling of not realizing, the sun has gone down and your room has turned pitch black, struggling and squinting your eyes because you never want to keep it down.

Getting lost in a book is like the smell of lilacs overpowering all your senses, beautiful and mesmerizing

Getting lost in a book, feeling of euphoria!!!

Poems By Vani Joshi XI F
Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka