Public Grievance Cell
Minister for Urband Development
Govt of India, New Delhi

Subject: Grievance against DDA NEGLECTING THE DWARKA SUB-CITY ?
Refer: Rather than words PICTURES SPEAKS of How DDA Negelected Dwarka


We would like to bring to your kind attention, we have been HIGHLIGHTING various deficiencies of DDA.

This particular case is of TOTAL NEGLIGENCE by DDA towards Dwarka. What talked of in documents and off records discussion. Dwarka Sub-City is DREAM Project and called Master Plan Sub City. Where as in reality there is ZERO Implementations of Master Plan provisions. You may check yourself on the Master Plan 2021 documents, DDA other documents related to Dwarka and latest Zonal Plan K-II.

DDA currently interested only in INVENTING NEW Projects else where as existing announced one or budged are not implemented. Take the case of PRE HABITATION of Dwarka project:

Not a single Community centre within Sectors of Dwarka we have, what DDA had build CC on Villages around Dwarka.

Since there were many issues that affects over 6 lakh residents, over 300 CGHS Apartments and over 55 DDA Pocket RWA’s in Dwarka Sub-City along with Commercial and Institutional representatives.

Some of the areas where we found DDA NEGLECTING DWARKA are as follows:

Master Plan of Dwarka: 

This remain only as we call it there are many MASTERs in DDA but no Planners seems.
Planning and Implementation failures.
Pre habitation facilities lacking:

i. No Vegetable/Fruits Markets
ii. Only few Milk Diary booths such as Mother Diaries
iii. No Community Halls within Sectors
iv. No District Centre
v. No Recreation Centre or Cinema Halls etc
vi. No Clubs
vii. The Service Sector 20 is converted to Commercial use and NO SERVICE related usage till date allotted.

No tolerance Zone- Dwarka.
No one actually know what is this MEANING of ZERO TOLERANCE as no document is available.
There is no enforcement on violation to commercial encroachment in markets
The commercial building have extended rooftops and other areas without due approval causing huge REVENUE loss to DDA and risking public.
Parking Issues:
The ECS (Equal Car Space per 100 Sq Mtr)– Parking are not available in LSC , Sector markets and Institutional areas.
Multi Level parking project have not implemented for Sector 6/10, 4/5/11/12 markets
The LSC Private buildings reserved basement parking are not open to public

Water Supply:
The DDA and DJB collected an average of Rs. 10 lakh per CGHS Society and Equal from DDA Pockets. However the basic supply of Drinking water not provided by DDA till date as its on loggerhead with DJB. Dwarkites don’t get SAFE DRINKING WATER even a liter per person per day.
98% of Dwarkites drinking toxic ground water with over 3000 TDS level. Without providing safe water to existing population DDA add on new housing projects.

Incomplete Projects:
Bharat Vandana Park- No sign of implementation- Only Meetings no outcomes.
Approval of 750 Bed hospital building plan pending with DDA
Uncompleted Roads connecting various parts especially sector 24,25,26 and Dwarka-Palam Vihar Expressway.

DDA Pockets pathetic condition:
Almost all the DDA Pockets are in most DANGEROUS situation where most of the ceiling and balconies are falling apart.
The facility provided to these pockets are minimal, while you are adding new complex and ignoring the existing one to provide BASIC Amenities.

Completion cum Pre occupancy certificate issues of Cooperative Group Housing Society:
DDA board should consider one time moratorium to all CGHS who have completed necessary FIRE clearance for CC/POC. DDA is loosing out revenue on Freehold amount due to this complex CC/POC.
The DDA to open office in Dwarka to enable FREE HOLD facilitation Desk

Maintenance of Master Plan Sub-City:
-The Dwarka boast of wide roads and Service lanes, Drains,Pedestrian paths. These are not maintained properly and timely.
-The parks are not developed in mot of the sector either due to water supply or power supply or short of funds. The Malis on pay roll only available to Horticulture office what ever work is done is through contractor.
-The pedestrian paths are not designed as per latest UTTIPEC guidelines
-The maintenance of DDA Pocket Flats is pathetic condition especially exteriors & balconies falling.

I hope you will check the above photographs and numerous other photographs on internet posted evident of DDA’s Negligence towards Dwarka.

If you require more evidence and Pictures, we would be happy to send the same.

You name any of the area or service from above list, where DDA have NOT NEGLECTED DWARKA ? DDA promise many things, including in the budget but NOT DELIVER, the RECORDS speaks for itself. . All the work of Dwarka come to stand still barring the salary of its staffs.

Yours sincerely,
Rejimon C K
President- Dwarka Forum