Delhi Development Authority organized a Lok Shivir at Vikas Sadan to facilitate disposal of pending cases of conversion from leasehold to free hold in Housing and Lands Disposal Departments. Allottees, whose cases were pending due to deficiencies or authentication of facts were invited by sending call letters to attend the Lok Shivir. All the concerned officers of Housing, Lands Disposal and Accounts departments were present at the Shivir to take on the spot decision and dispose of the pending references. A total of approximately 2000 allottees/ applicants pertaining to Housing Department and Lands Disposal Department attended the Lok Shivir. A total of 1060 pertaining to Housing Department and 410 pertaining to Lands Disposal Department, Conveyance Deed papers were issued in cases related to conversion of lease-hold property to free-hold. Besides all types of general queries were attended and replied to the satisfaction of visitors. The Shivir was a big success.