The decisive battle against corruption in India has begun…

M K Gupta

Volunteers for Anna Hazare’s fast, join us on 27th March, 2011.
1 pm to 4 pm. Malviya Bhawan, 52 Deen Dayal Upadyay Marg (opp-CAG office) (between ITO and Minto bridge) SMS to confirm on 92231 70707.

The SMS is from Parivartan, an organisation dedicated to RTI under Shri Arvind Kejriwal.


JOIN India Against Corruption: It is a movement created by concerned citizens from all spheres, and professions, who’ve come together to fight corruption in India.

It’s a tough fight     against our SYSTEM 
  against our MINDS
  against our SOCIETY
  against our NATION
  against our WORLD

Still thinking – What can I do ? 
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1. What is the mission of IAC (“India Against Corruption”)?
IAC wants to awaken each and every Indian to help in making India Corruption free

2. Why is eliminating corruption important?
Corruption is like a cancer that eats into every aspect of India. It is one of the root causes of poverty, malnutrition, bad sanitation, bad infrastructure – the list goes on. It makes people lazy and ruins the moral fibre stopping each and every Indian from reaching their true potential and consequently stops India from truly becoming “Saare Jahan Se Aacha” 

3.Who are the victims of corruption?
Corruption affects all of us but the worst hit are the illiterate and poor who are constantly deprived of their rights and harassed because they cannot defend themselves

4.If people stopped paying bribes there would be no corruption?
This implies that the bribe giver is as guilty as the bribe taker. This is not correct. In domestic violence is the victim as guilty as the abuser. People pay bribes because the system is rotten and they have no choice. Exceptional people fight but most people will take the easy way out. 

5.Ha! Ha! Ha! India without corruption what a joke?
The joke is on you. In many other countries in their history corruption was endemic but they had a will to change and found a way. For a quick look at how Hongkong transformed itself look at

6. India is unique. It will never eliminate corruption. As evidence see how corruption has grown over the years?
Every country is unique. India can and will eliminate corruption because its citizens will awake and force a change. So far corruption has grown because there is no effective deterrent. Politicians, bureaucrats, judiciary fight against corruption is just an eyewash because as a class they benefit the most as long as corruption continues

7. In Egypt and Tunisia citizen power overthrew governments. In India can Citizen Power overthrow corruption?
Yes it Can. We now have a Jan LokPal Bill which citizens from all over India irrespective or geography, language, religion, caste, socio economic status are supporting in large numbers. The government is as usual dragging its feet but it will not be able to resist the citizen tsunami.

8. What are the top three reasons why the government LokPal Bill is an eyewash and Jan Lok Pal Bill will be an effective deterrent?
NumberFeature Jan Lok PalGovernment Lok PalJLP Deterrent Value
1- Who can be investigatedPoliticians, Judges, BureaucratsOnly PM and members of Parliament No one escapes
2- Time bound Enforcement Police Powers and sentencing powers. Cases must be disposed of within time limit Advisory only. No powers. Time limit to start a case but no time limit to finishQuick Justice
3- Recovery of ill gotten gainsYesNoCorrupt person faces personal and financial ruin
9. Is IAC, an anti government movement? I cannot take the risk of supporting an anti government unit as my job, institution or business depend on the government?
IAC is not anti government. It is for India. The Jan Lok Pal Bill has gone through eight citizen revisions based on feedback from lots of citizens from all over India. With proactive government support the final bill will be a landmark legislation that if implemented quickly and well will transform India. Already Mr. Shanti Bhushan (ex law minister India) calls this draft bill one of the best legislations he has ever read.

10. Even if the Jan LokPal Bill is passed it will take many years for implementation. In many areas India has lofty laws but the ground realities are different?
In IAC work has already started on thinking about a blueprint for effective implementation. In India where the power of citizens and the private sector has been unleashed by and enabling government the results have been world class. IT and Telecom are often cited. If a small team of citizens could put the Jan Lok Pal bill together and thousands contributed to improving it then a small team of the right people can make sure that implementation is effective and rapid.

11.Who is Anna Hazare and why is he fasting unto death? Will this result in major disruptions that will cause inconvenience? 
Anna Hazare is a renowned social worker. Some people call him a modern day “Mahatma Gandhi”. For more on him see  Just as the “Quit India” movement was about getting freedom from the British the “Jan LokPal Bill” movement is about getting freedom from corruption. IAC would like there to be no disruption but has no control over anyone.
12. What can I do to support the Jan LokPal bill? 
If you support JLP (“Jan LokPal Bill”) then make a missed call to 02261550789 from a landline or +912261550789 from a mobile. Since this is a missed call it will cost you nothing. If you call from your mobile you will receive a few SMS with relevant updates periodically. Do not worry about getting flooded with too many SMS. 
If you are a facebook user like the IAC page on facebook
Join at This is being improved 

Anna has asked for the following forms of support
* Collective prayer that the government gains enough wisdom to proactively support the JLP bill.
* Fast for as long as you want. At the minimum miss lunch on April 5th. We fast for many things in India. This time lets fast for India.
* Write an impassioned plea to PM to get the JLP bill passed. He got the nuclear bill passed. Now he must get the JLP bill passed.
* If Anna has to fast then some of us need to develop the courage to remain calm and peaceful get arrested in this next freedom movement.

Let us understand CORRUPTION is inside or outside…
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