DELHI – Come Out and Vote

Rajiv Kakria

Was it the Chicken or the Egg that came first …… similarly was it the Voter who stopped voting or the Political parties stared fielding the wrong candidates. On introspection it seems, it was the antipathy of the posh colony Voter in not casting the vote that made Parties choose candidates that could woe the gullible voters with money and muscle.

Was it that the Voters of Delhi’s plotted colonies increasingly got disillusioned at the choice of candidates of political parties or was it one more off day for a family outing in a stressed out professional world. Its time we the people made a course correction …… Political parties respect numbers and if we want them to listen to us again then WE MUST FIRST SHOW UP AT THE POLLING BOOTH.

DELHI – Come Out and Vote ……. is the clarion call of the RWAs from all over Delhi to the voters of Delhi …. our voter awareness campaign kicks off on 25th March 10am to 11am at India Gate. Many other Social Groups and NGOs have assured participation.

Flavour of Art Foundation has promised to bring top artists to Paint a Giant 70 feet Banner, also paint on the spot posters to spread the message. They have also prepared songs and street play to encourage the voter to come out and vote. Shield (NGO) will be bringing children with a song on there lips ….. Please vote for our Future. The Delhi Heritage Photography Group and The Delhi Drummers Circle and others will be their to liven up the campaign. These groups will congregate at India Gate from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm.