Delhi Metro- Nation’s Pride

Member-  Sukh 
Dukh Ke Saathi Sanstha

You come and go
Come and go
You are Delhi Metro
Blue Line, Yellow Line
Red Line, Green Line
You are City’s Life Line
You take us on board
And save us from madness on road
Cool air inside
Save us from unbearable heat outside
Your long glass windows
Show beautiful outside view
On every stop there are many
Waiting to get in not a few
Your doors slide open for crowd to surge in
In the beginning there is all around din
Some scramble for a seat
Some succeed to beat
Those who find one get instant solace
Then in silence they read each other’s face
Young boys and girls choose to stand
Music plugged in their ears
Some get too close to each other
Unaware of who is near
You take all without count
Without distinction of caste or creed
You are impartial in your deed
A melodious voice announces next destination
Many frequently look at their watch
And anxiously wait for their destination
To give us relief from the traffic woes
You are always on your toes
With twists and turns
You cross the city’s length and breadth
Like a giant python hurrying its way
Going long distances for you
Seems a child’s play
You are sleek and smart
Having a special place for women
And Senior Citizens in your heart
Young and old all love your ride
You are our Nation’s Pride