Demand for a public Library in Dwarka

Greetings All!

People, we all feel need of a good public Library in Dwarka. I was reading about the efforts made by Rejimon ji (Dwarka Forum) in getting a mobile Library from DPL in Dwarka. The same still finds a mention in the schedule of DPL but I wonder if that would suffice!

I have a proposal from Ek Sangharsh, if it is worth taking up. We have many ulta-modern Community Halls in Dwarka now. And people in Dwarka Sector 12 had troubles with the one in their area due to Noise disturbances. I feel like getting it converted into a modern Library.

This Library will not be an old dingy room with a wooden table but a very different catering to the present world. It will have books to cater to different sections of the society and age groups. It will be a place where people would love to spend time even if they are not habitual readers. Light eatables like Coffee and Biscuits will be available therein and it will be a very comfortable area with option of reading in the lawn. Wi-fi will be made available inside the Library for catering to the need of present generation and facilitating meetings etc. And other things can be taken care of later on.

Ek Sangharsh is willing to take up management of this proposed Library along with Dwarka Forum and other organisations of Dwarka.

I am forwarding the same to Shri Rajesh Gehlot ji for his kind consideration as Library is in demand in Dwarka and we genuinely need one.

Citizen’s reporter
Shobhit Chauhan