Dengue Awareness Camp & Swachh Aura Clean Aura

A camp was organized in Mahindra Aura society compound today to spread awareness about dengue spread, which gets prominent in rainy season. A team of doctors came from Medanta Medicity, headed by Dr. Sushila Kataria (Associate Director – Medanta) for the purpose.Around 300 Aura Residents attended the event and received the information.
Doctors gave several tips for preventing the outbreak of mosquito population. Residents pledged to keep the surroundings clean to prevent any dengue case or outbreak.
As per Mr. Yashesh Rao, an active society resident, who coordinated the camp, said that in sync with the government’s “Swachh Bharat” initiative, Aura’s to be formed RWA will also embrace and follow the guidelines to keep the surroundings clean.
Dr. Sushila said that it’s very important to prevent accumulation of water at homes or in nearby areas to prevent mosquito breeding and dengue cases. They have been actively visiting such societies and spreading awareness. After arriving at Aura, doctors said its already clean. Thanks to all of the residents who keep the premises clean. She said one should consult doctor immediately in case of occurrence of dengue symptoms.