Veena Malik And Hemant Madhukar 3D love life

Arpita Kumar

Hemant Madhukar and Veena malik take their relationship to the next level. That’s almost like a déjà vu moment. Pakistani Bombsell Veena Malik now a day’s busy romancing with her movie director Hemant Madhukar. This is second time Veena caught on the camera romancing with Hemant Madhukar.

Veena was first seen in love with Pakistani Cricketer Mohd. Asif next was Big Boss Co- Contestant Ashmit Patel and now she fall in love with her 3D movie director of Mumbai 125kms.  Hemant Madhukar attract toward Veena boldness and daring activities at the time of shooting.

This can be say triple-treat tale of love and romance of Veena. We can say that Veena had inspired by her 3D movie and fall in a love with her 3D movie director. No matter what happened? As we can say that love is blind especially in the case of Veena Malik and Hemant Madhukar. Let’s wait and watch when Hemant Madhukar or Veena Malik come forward and show their love to the whole world.