Singer Swati Sharrma gets melodious with “Nimboo Sa Ishq”

Nilofer Ansari

For Bollywood, music is as essential an entity as probably the story as a whole and it is a home to great talent. We all love to hear the soft, soothing and melodious voice of female singers in Bollywood. In the recent years, Bollywood gained numerous singers and singing talents. Young singers in Bollywood have created their own success story through their hard work, passion, dedication and ultimate love for singing. Singer Swati Sharrma had us all wanting more when she crooned away to glory with her hit song Banno Tera Swagger in ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ what followed were several nominations and accolades. The singer already who has became a Singing sensation when she released her single Kyu Kho Gaye that got composed by Raeth, the popular Pakistani Band and then Swati Sharrma’s, song ‘Banno Tera Swagger’ has garner much attention and appreciation these days and topped in the best song of the year 2015. Recently Swati Sharrma who is filled with talent and soothing voices is going making people grove with her melodies voice in “Direct Ishq” song “Nimboo sa Ishq”. The song which is a romantic melody in the mesmerizing vocals this one is a soft outing with arrangements of light beats all around the track. This number is soothing and easy on ears which will surely make a mark in everybody heartbeat.

Swati Sharrma gave us a pleasant surprise with her new song as her last song was like a rock affair and now is going to be a romantic song with her mushy number. She said,” My journey so far has been about patience, perseverance and conviction. I had my blinders on and knew what I wanted to see in my future as an artist. I think the industry has accepted me with the texture of my voice.”

” Nimboo sa Ishq” is picturised on Nagin Fame Arjun Bijlani who is now debuting as an actor in “Direct Ishq” and Actress Nidhi Subbaiah. The way in which Swati Sharrma is climbing the success ladder, one can only say that it’s the talent and hardwork that matters after all, everything else just follows.