Dwarka Forum handover memorandum to Chief Minister on key problems of Dwarka

Kind Attn.

Mrs Sheila Dixit,
Hon’ble Chief Minister,
Government of NCT of Delhi

We are thankful to you for giving us an opportunity to meet you in person and discus various problems that are being faced by Dwarka residents. We would like to highlight 5 extremely important issues. We seek your help and intervention in resolving these issues that lead us to a better quality of life.

1. Water Crisis

* Dwarka’s population is over 6 lacs, While NDMC have 3 lacs
* Dwarka gets 13.1 MLD water from DJB through DDA while in NDMC area DJB supplies 123 MLD
* Almost half the water allocated to Dwarka is diverted to Airport since T3 has started
* 1.95KL water supplied per flat in Dwarka (150 LPD is standard set by Govt’s CPHEEO )while 757 KL per flat in NDMC area
* Dwarka pays Rs. 10.76 KL while NDMC pays or DJB charges Rs. 2.42 KL .If the supply is through tanker Dwarka pays Rs. 46.50to DDA and Private Tanker Dwarka Pays Rs.80 per KL

Dwarka Demands:
– CM of NCT Delhi and Chairman of DJB order to increase the water supply of Dwarka by 15 MGD (68 MLD) immediately.
– CM and DJB Chairman Direct the DJB to take over the Water Supply of Dwarka from DDA. Meeting Minutes of DDA and DJB stated that all infrastructures ready to hand over except water testing for which DJB need to provide water.
– Tariff of water to be equal to rest of Delhi not differential for Dwarka.

2. Hospital
* Dwarka sub-city does not have a government hospital
* Though a 750 bed hospital had been approved for Dwarka by GNCTD and Building Plan approved by DDA. It is still pending for execution for last 20 years
* In a contingency situation like an earthquake, accidents, terror strikes Dwarka is not equipped to handle any calamity as Zero Disaster Management Infrastructure in place for Dwarka. Proximity to Airport and Metro add Dwarka more vulnerable.

Dwarka Demands:
* Instruct the DHS/PWD to approve A/A & E/S and put on fast track implementation.
* Direct DHS to depute to Dwarka, the 4 newly launched Ambulances
* Till the completion of the Hospital, all Local Health Center in Dwarka be upgraded to maximum level with OPD & Emergency Services

3. Unification
* Dwarka (From Sector 1 to 26) has 5 Municipal Councilors Ward No.135 Kakraula, 136- Matiala, 141-Bijwasan, 145-Palam, 147- Mahavir Enclave. Elect 3 MLA (i.e Matiala, Palam and Bijwasan). Elect 2 MP’s (i.e West Delhi and South Delhi).
* Currently Dwarka Assembly constituency is somewhere in Janakpuri-Dabri side with Not a single voter of Dwarka Sub-city in that part.

Dwarka Demands:
– Unification of all wards of Dwarka in one Councilor, all Assembly Constituencies in to one MLA and put Dwarka under one MP.
– Dwarka Assembly Constituency must be brought back in Dwarka

4. Entry Exit Points
* All 3 ENTRY/EXIT points at Sec 21, Palam and Dabri Mode congest the horrifying traffic

Dwarka Demands:
We appeal to Delhi Govt to Direct UTTIPEC/DDA/PWD to improve connectivity by:
– Open up a tunnel road to IGI- T3 (from Shahbad Muhmadpur Railway Station)
– Create a new ROB over Palam Railway Crossing or widen the existing Palam-Dwarka FO
– Speed up the acquiring and completion of Dwarka Express Way connecting to Northern Peripheral Way to Gurgaon/Manesar.

5. CM’s Bhagidhari in Dwarka with 355 RWA of Dwarka.
We would appeal to CM to have a Bhagidhari workshop in Dwarka which DF happy to coordinate and facilitate with all stake holder for close interaction with Dwarkites.

Implementation of various project by DDA

Madam, DDA planned Dwarka as Master Plan SELF SUFFICIENT Sub-City. However other than providing land and roads etc. DDA have not provided basic facilities for habitation from Vegetable & Fruit Market, Cinema Halls, Cultural & Community Hub, Delhi Haat etc.. Gap of planning and implementation resulted illegal encroachments doubled.

We request you to direct the Vice Chairman & Senior Officials of DDA to visit Dwarka and meet with 350 RWA and CGHS representatives. So that these should be sorted out at the spot.

Finally, on behalf of residents of Dwarka once again request to give appropriate instruction to appropriate authority to give a close look on the issues flagged above and obliged us. Any instruction given may be advised to mark a copy for us to follow up.

With kind regards
For and on behalf of Dwarka Forum(Regd.)
Sushil Kumar