Dwarka Forum met Shri. Anshu Prakash Addl. Commissioner, MCD to discuss various issues in Dwarka

Meeting with with Shri. Anshu Prakash Addl. Commissioner and Dwarka Forum. 
The Meeting was attended by :
Mr. Anshu Prakash, Addl Commissioner- Engineering- MCD
MCD Officials list at end of the page.
DMSWSL-RAMKY List at the end of the Page.
Mr. Rejimon C K, President, Dwarka Forum
Mr. Anoop Rohera, Jt. Secretary, Dwarka Forum attend the meeting along with Ms. Anita Bhargava of LetsdoitDelhi.
Venue 4th Floor, MCD Office, Civic Centre, Minto Road
Date : 17th March 2011 at 17:30 Hrs.
The Dwarka Forum introduced and given back ground of Dwarka Sub-City.
The Dwarka Forum (Regd) act as an umbrella organisation of RWA/CGHS/Citizens of Dwarka Sub City.
Dwarka population is bigger than Chandigarh with approximately 15 KM Radius and 5648 Hector Area and 396 KM Road Length.  Currently Dwarka Sub-City (Sector 1 to 26) is divided into 5 MCD Wards such as Ward No.135 Kakraula, 136- Matiala, 141-Bijwasan, 145-Palam, 147- Mahavir Enclave. The density of population is around 160-200 per H a. Dwarka have over 300 CGHS and over 50 DDA Pocket RWA’s.
  1. Implementation of decision of MCD Commissioner Meeting with DF held on 9th Feb 2010.
Dwarka Forum updated the MCD officials of Non start of the decision held last year
    1. The Door to Door Collection: The collection of door to door was started earlier last year discontinued by concessionaire DMSWSL-Ramky without any reason.  The Addl Comm. directed the concessionaire to implement (within a month) the same under supervision of Superintendent Engineer-DEMS Mr. A K Alahawadi to all DDA Pockets (39 pockets)which were handed over to MCD by DDA.
    2. Shelters for SK’s: The SS NGZ Mr. Rajinder Singh and Engineering Team will do the survey and identify the location and internally with DC NGZ will finalise the place impliment
    3. Public Urinal: The MCD since not own land expressed its handicap. However DF suggested the DDA has agreed in principle and MCD need to identify the location suggested by DF/RWA. A meeting to this effect to be by DC Najafgarh and CE DDA. DC will write to CE-DDA.
    4. C&D Waste: The Construction and Renovation Waste generated from Dwarka various CGHS/DDA Pockets and Plotted areas are lying on the road sides and other areas. The earlier decision was MCD will clear all this. However, this was not taken up. The Addl Commissioner directed the MCD NGZ (Mr. M S Yadav) to prepare a Policy for C&D Waste. In the policy it will be specified all the CGHS/DDA Pockets and Plot RWA will keep at one location the C&D Waste within their area. The MCD will collect the same. Any one found violating this policy will be severely penalised. Addl Commissioner also suggested in coordination with area councillor setup Citizen Ward Vigilance Committee to oversee implementation and violation including C&D Waste, SK’s and Garbage Collection.. The Addl commissioner asked the DEMS to arrange 100 Trucks to collect existing C&D waste from Dwarka Sub-City immediately.
  1. DMSWSL- Garbage Collection.
    1. SE-DEMS will provide the copy of the contract to DF and also the put on public domain. 
    2. Monitoring/Performance Evaluation DMSWSL-RAMKY- This will be monitored by Citizen Vigilance Committee/SS. The Addl Comm ordered SI/SS to upload their reports on Safai and Garbage Collection Monitoring to be uploaded to Face Book. Till the time the SS/SI have no computer facility the report will be send to DEMS HQ FB team will update.
    3. Quality of Garbage Bins: The DMSWSL have informed the life of the Bins are one year, so they will replace them. The holding capacity is 700 KG per bin.
    4. DMSWSL responsible for collection of SKs Swept & Collected materials also as per contract.
    5. Number of Bins currently provided by DMSWSL are 371 (informed in the meeting 400)which is insufficient for 300 Cooperative Group Housing Society and 50 DDA Residential Complex (RWA). The Addl commissioner asked the DMSWSL-RAMKY to provide the adequate numbers based on the VOLUME of Garbage Generated. Currently as per DMSWSL 40-45 Ton Garbage is picked up by 3-4 Truck trip per day. The previous meeting decision of including all Dhalavs irrespective in VILLAGE will be covered by DMSWSL. To this effect DEMS DnC will issue letter to DMSWSL. The incidents like what in Sector- 8 can be taken care.
    6. Numbering of the Garbage Bins provided by DMSWSL: Addl commission directed this is already been delayed so the DMSWSL must immediately put numbers on all the Bins.
    7. Garbage will be lifted daily (including Sunday) from all the designated garbage collection sites. The garbage clearing timing is displayed on each designated site.
    8. 25 meters surrounding the site should be kept clean.
    9. The garbage collection site will be washed & disinfected on weekends.
    10. The garbage collection sites should be in good condition and the bins should not have breakages and crack
  2. Safai Karamcharis/ASI/SI for Dwarka.
    1. Dwarka falls in 5 wards: DF was informed 341 SKs (Dwarka have as per SS 5 SI and 8 ASI) given to us for different wards which includes villages and neighbouring areas. This does not help us locate appropriate SKs for a particular area. DF would like to have a sector/road wise list. DF suggest MCD must list all the SKs for Dwarka through MCD GIS Map website http://app.mapmyindia.com/mcdApp/ as pilot project. The MCD DEMS officials informed the list is already in the MCD website *. However DF suggested that it is not possible to identify who is the SK and ASI for particular Road/Section in the current format. This is very much possible in the GIS Map currently on the MCD website as above. The Addl Commissioner directed the FB and DEMS official to explore the possibility for better incorporation along with photographs of SK’s/ASI/SI.
    2. Attendance depends on Biometric and Muster call in the 2nd half. Most of this staff is involved in other jobs as drivers, maids or other small businesses. Such staff is posted on village areas Ambrahi with a whooping number (40) while for entire Sector 22 is only 7. The Addl Commissioner directed the SS-NGZ to augment and re arrange the SK distribution based on the area and road length.
    3. Store supply: The SKs are complaining irregular supply of store items etc. There are insufficient wheel brooms and other tools such as cycles for regular removal of swept malba etc resulting piled up on road itself for weeks. The Addl Commissioner directed SE-DEMS to ensure adequate supply and do the needful to provide all required supply to Dwarka SK’s
    4. Salary payments are delayed beyond 3 months for casual sweepers.: The MCD was in denial mode on this. However realised that due to lack of information even at the highest level of DEMS the salary was given for last 3 month only last week. Addl Commissioner directed DEMS/DC NGZ to ensure timely disbursement of payment to SK to get performance.
    5. The Apron provided to ladies are not comfortably acceptable to them as it hang around below the knee. Instead, just a jacket with reflective bar may be suitable or any new designs. The Addl Commissioner directed the DEMS DnC to discuss with the same with SK’s Union representatives and Lady SK height into consideration suitable size and design to be applied for all future procurements in the pipeline.
  3. Dust/Trash Bins : Dwarka have no dust bins installed by MCD. All roads and Markets needs dust bins similar to that of CWG events sites and PWD roads installed. MCD suggested this is not possible currently as there were objection in the past and the entire logistic and placement need further discussion with DDA and other agencies.
Meeting ended with assurance that the items discussed will be given paramount importance. 
‘s Lists *)
The Contact persons of MCD are :
Mr. Anil Prakash          D-in-C                                     9717788488 dnc@mcd.org.in
Mr. R  K Alahwadi       SE-DMES                               97177 88565
Vijay Praskh               CE-DEMS
Sunil Mittal                SE-DEMS
P K Khandelwal             Supdt.Engineer-I                        9717788004
Mr. Rajinder                   Sanitary Superintendant             9210183272
Mr. Sanjiv Kumar           GM-DMSWSL-RAMKY               9810265282
Dwarka Forum:
Mr. Rejimon C K, President – 9810315897
Mr. Anoop Rohera, GB Member – 9810377442