Dwarka Forum Met with Chief Engineer, Dwarka – Mr. DP Singh

Meeting with Chief Engineer, Dwarka – Mr. DP Singh
Date: July 12, 2014
Venue: Chief Engineer’s Office DDA Office Manglapuri

Mr. Sushil Kumar introduced Dwarka Forum (‘DF’) team members to The Chief Engineer. Mr DP Singh and briefed the background and DF’s initiatives.
CE Chaired the meeting and discussed all the agenda points.

1. Online payment of water bills facility will be operational within this month; discount on clearing arrears.

2. Bharat Vandana Park – Two distinct designs are ready, will get uploaded on DDA website to invite public comments for finalization

3. Water Supply
a. Fetching 200 tankers daily from 12 new borewells
b. DDA pushing for handover of water supply to DJB
c. DDA also ready to pay cost around Rs.200 Cr to DJB
d. Study/estimate done for getting additional water for horticulture thru DJB WTP
e. CE will share copies of letter exchanged with DJB

4. Roads:
a. Roads 30 meters & above to be transferred to PWD after Mansoon
b. Concrete road for service roads not possible presently due to digging requirement for service facilities by many agencies
c. DF to resend MoM of Road Survey points carried out with DF and DDA jointly for action by DDA

5. Entry/Exit Routes –
a. Tunnel approach road to T3 could be executed if pushed with Urban Dev and Civil Aviation ministries.
b. Possibility of small underpass at Shahbad for small vehicles to ease load on Sec-21 underpass.
c. For better utilization of Dwarka Flyover, Traffic police to be contacted, DDA willing to extend support, if receive request from Traffic Police. DF has already suggested and sent letter to this effect to Traffic Police. DF will follow up with Traffic Police.
d. UER road to Nangloi in doldrums due to encroachment and difficulties in acquiring land after recent land acquiring law

6. Unalloted shops/flats/plots: Reserve price concept and manual auction scrapped, E-auction to adopted for all future auctions

7. Socio Centre at Sector 11 – To be started soon with facilities like IIC

8. Vegetable Marks, Community centers – CE to check status with Planning wing and push

9. Electrical Work – CE-Electrical to be contacted. DF will be contacting them shortly.

10. Sports facilities – CE at Shahpur Jat, Siri fort to be contacted. DF will be contacting them shortly.

11. Basements parkings – Unutilized at Malls/ Hospitals – DDA Director (Buildings) enforcement to be contacted. DF to send a list of Malls which are unutilized or misused or locked up to CE.

12. Coverage of Drain at Madhu Vihar – Plan costing around Rs 12 Cr ready, could be executed if no objection from NGT

13. Also took up the issue of his email id. He said the size of this mail box is less and he is requesting his Assistant to clear up mails regularly.

14. Condition for DDA flats in Dwarka was discussed in detail.CE informed that DDA is planning for a scheme where 50% will be borne by DDA and 50 % by respective RWA and the same will be put up for approval from appropriate authority.However,on case to case basis DDA is doing repair work where the condition is very bad.It was also informed by him that tender for sector 13 and 14 has been approved for repair of DDA flats.

Other points shared:

Out of several issues discussed, we would like to pen down a few relatively short term issues within your control for early resolution:

(i) Overhead Sign Boards: There is shortage of  overhead sign boards in Dwarka, which is causing inconvenience to many of the motorists. At least all the entry & exit points to Dwarka & MP road crossings must have it. You may also find that foundations were laid on several crossing for erecting structures for fixing such sign boards but is being abandoned by DDA mid way. Request you to take it up.

(ii) Road Numbering: There is long standing problem of identification of roads & crossings in Dwarka. Even after one decade of habitation we still find it difficult to identify locations. Request you to arrange for allotting numbers to all roads & crossings in Dwarka. The roads which have already been allotted numbers be provided with more signages.

(iii) Left Turm Slip road: In Dwarka at several crossings we find that there are no slip roads for left turn. Now at a time when Delhi has been cited as most polluted city we can not afford extra waiting time for any vehicle. Though this a patent planning error we request you to initiate study to provide all MP roads with left turn slip roads. On crossings & T points where ever carving a slip road is not immediately feasible at east the curve can be smoothened to reduce the impact of sharp edge.

(iv) Footpath Utility: Thre is absolutely no attention is paid by field staff towards maintenance of footpaths as a result there are several problems like erection of obstructive sign boards by several other agencies, raising of walls, blocked entry & exit points.
Requst you to instruct staff to remove all the sign boards & walls from the footpaths. In addition, at some places due to uprooting of kerb stones vehicles find there way on footpath so please get poles installed on all entry & exit points.

(v) Non-tapering: The MP roads have been recently carpeted, on some T point & crassings where mastic carpeting has not been done, the old & new levels have not been tapered resultimg in sudden strike to vehicles. This calls for inquiry how such things got

(vi) Painting: It is understood that the new painting on MP roads should have been reflective in nature but we don’t find it so. Needs verification.

(vii) Road Inspection: It is unfortunate that there is no system of regular road inspection in Dwarka. We think that regular road inspection is back bone of engineeting department and if effectively done it can avoid many problems. Request issue instruction to staff to regularly inspect the roads with defined frequency & specific points, some of which could be:

a) Whether any kerb stone is uprooted on central verge or footpath,
b) Whether any pothole is visible – if yes where and about what size?
c) Is any patch on road is about to convert into pothole?
d) Is any portion of footpath/road is caved in?
e) Is there any open man- hole?
f) Is there any falling pole, railing, wire, overhead sign board or tree,
g) Is there any obstruction on footpath likely to create problem for pedestrians?
h) Is there any dug up space on footpath or road inadequately barricaded or lying unattended for many days?
i) Is there any unpainted zebra crossing or speed-breaker?
j) Is there any encroachment on road or footpath?
k) Is entry & exit points of footpath have appropriate poles fixed so as to prevent climbing of vehicles on it?
l) Is there any water logging, construction material, debris or any other kind of material lying on road?
m) Is there any damage to any kind of street furniture?
(viii) Plaster Quality: The quality of plastering being done on several walls contructed around vacant plots, parks is undoubtedly of vey poor grade. It appears that plastering is done with sand only and no cement is used. After plastering no wetting is done as a result the plaster sheds off very early. Request you to take appropriate steps to check this mal-practice.
(ix) Pot Hole Repair: Thers is no practice in Dwarla to regularly repair the potholes. Wait is done deliberately for potholes to grow old & big. Request you to arrange for repair of All potholes before onslaught of monsoon.
(x) Email Box: Request instruct your PS to regularly remove the maiols from in box to keep space for new mails.

CE assured that he will look into all the points and keep us posted. Meeting ended with vote of thanks.