Creativity Art Gallery Presents “Divine Collection” Exhibiting Nine artists

The capital of India is adorned with colours of red and immense joy of celebrating Indian Mother Goddess. The auspicious festival runs with strong belief and faith in the heart of every human being. To make the joy of festival more enjoyable Creativity Art Gallery is presenting their new exhibition as “Divine Collection”. Often we think of bringing the lights of blessings, happiness and prosperity to our home and to fulfil that we do our best part and possible.

So this Navaratri bring home a hand painted idol of Indian Mythological episodes and icons. Today in our modern houses we often hesitate to place oleographs or to common things, this collection of Creativity Art Gallery will help our modern buyers to buy their best paintings with best prices too.

The collection for this show is exclusively chosen in concern to feed the true meanings of show title. Paintings from different artists are collected from various parts of India and subjects are specially preferred to be the icons of Hindu Mythology. The gallery is confident in saying that we are helping to stream the aspect of divinity in terms of contemporary thoughts.

The participating artists are: 
Apu Debnath Banya, Babu Xaviour, Jitendra Dangi, Prashanta Naik, Vinod Goswami, Tejinder Kanda, Manas Ranjan Jena, Viren Tanwar, Sanjay Sen Gupta

About the Gallery
A Delhi based art gallery, Creativity art gallery celebrates art in a fresh contemporary art space. The gallery is actively involved in research, consultancy, and advising on building collections

Venue and Show Detail:
 Divine Collection
Creativity Art Gallery
29, GF, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India – 110016
Opening on: 1st April 2014
On view till: 20th April 2014