M. K. Gupta

Dwarka Sub City where about 35 per cent population lives in fourth and above floors, lacks arrangements to fight fire even on fifth floor despite having flats up to 10th floors after obtaining NOCs from the fire department.

In Ganpati Apartment of Sector 9, there was a fire in a fifth floor flat which spread to the sixth floor flat also in the intervening night of 21-22th June. According to K.S. Rathi, President of RWA, fire engulfed the goods worth lakhs of rupees. Sources says that the fire brigade came after an hour after giving information to it. The residents of the flats were lucky to save their lives by running out of their flat. .

According to Dainik Jagran, 23rd June, 09, the fire brigade was unable to douse the fire as it lacked arrangements to fight fire at fifth and above floors, the residents doused fire with their own efforts.

There is a need to upgrade the fire station at Dwarka to reach up to the highest floor in any apartment. Only this way, any apartment can be stopped to become another Gopala Tower of Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi.
This is certainly alarming.Yes there is lack of Govt agency in placing proper infrastrucutre.AT THE SAME TIME MOST THE SOCITIES FROM MEMBERS LAKHS FOR RUPEES ARE COLLECTED IN THE NAME OF FIRE FIGHTING..WHICH REMAIN ONLY A DECOR. Responsibility from all must…So dear Dwarkites please ask your respective CGHS management/RWA management to fix all Fire system and also get mock drills before it get too late.we will certainly asking govt to put infrastructure in place. Rejimon

Mr Gupta has raised a very important and serious matter regarding inadequecy in fire fighting in high rise buildings. Whereas Managements should ensure sevicability of society fire fighting equipment and training of security personnel in using them, the Fire Deptt has to be made aware of their commitment. We can even solicit support of local MLA., for expediting procurement of deficient equipment by Fire Deptt. S C Arora

Our Forum has always taken up the important issues but it is sad to see that there is no continuous follow up by the RWA/CGHS.Even in this case Fire depptt.has not accepted their fault.For quick relief and putting pressure on authorities it is always advisable to send such objections in numbers by the RWA/CGHS. Sushil

Shocking information that our fire service is poorly equipped.Instead of blaming anybody, we may try to get them properly equipped.Let us use all our efforts to make government do something urgently. P.J. THOMAS

Shri. S R Solanki,
Chief Engineer,DDA
Please refer to trail mail below from one of the residents of Dwarka.
During the online discussions on the recent fire at one of the flat in Ganpati Aptment, Sector 9, Dwarka. The members expressed concern over the delay.
Through the below correspondence we learned that the Fire Service Station located at Sector 6 is compelled to use (with heavy/fully loaded vehicles) SERVICE Road instead of direct access to main road . This is certainly cause delay and smooth flow and reduce the time to respond.
We would be obliged your good office give immediate direction to concerned XE/EE/AE to have the Road No 201 access directly from Fire Station.
We would appreciate if you could share with us the outcome of the request.
Thanking you,
Rejimon CK
President-Dwarka Forum (Regd).
cc: EM, DDA, Vikas Sadan, INA.


One more disturbing fact about the fire safety in Dwarka (or lack of it). As all of you know the Dwarka fire station is located at Sector 6. And shockingly the fire station does not have a direct main road access. The fire engines are required to take the service lane to come
out on main road, either on the side of Shiv Lok or Vajra societies. Now we all know the condition of the service lanes. Moreover if even a single vehicle breaks down, the whole lane is blocked.

Now some more startling fact: the fire department head of Dwarka has been writing to the authorities concerned (Concerned??????) for last two years to get an access to the main road directly in front of the fire station. For whatever reasons the permission is not forthcoming.
So even for an emergency situation in societies like Apoorva, that is bang in front of the fire station, the fire engine would have to travel through the service lane on either of the sides and hope that there is no vehicle broken-down on this road.

What to do? Mera Bharat Mahan Atul