EZEE HUGS Woollen Collection Drive conducted at NKBPS, Dwarka

The Hindustan Times in association with PACE,undertaken by the Godrej Its EZEE( Woollen Collection drive) has initiated the campaign for spreading smiles and joy of giving to the deprived community. NK Bagrodia public school has been an active recipient of this drive for last fifth consecutive year.Every year the Bagrodians extend wholehearted cooperation and support to this noble cause.Woollens wereenthusiactically carried to the school by the studentsand deposited in the cartons provided by the Godrej team.
Giving is a way of thanks—giving and the greatest pleasure is secured by the giver himself.The young students feel very happy to have been part of this great initiative,for the concept of sharing needs to be inculcated right from childhood.The school is the best place to teach the ethical,moral obligation towards family,society and the world at large. The bagrodians are taught about their responsibility through small,everydaypractices.Empathy and concern for the less fortunate helps them to grow as concerned,pro-active citizens of tomorrow. Such an initiative was indeed a praiseworthy and proactive societal obligation shared and meted out by joining hands and collectively addressing a great need in these winter months.