M K Gupta

In view of the recent increase in crimes in Dwarka, Dwarka Forum has requested for posting more police personal for Dwarka, Dwarka (North) and Palam Police Stations. In a letter mailed to Shri Y.S. Dadwal, Commissioner of Police, Rejimon CK., President has informed him about the sanctioned strength and the actual strength of Head Constables and Constables available at the above three police stations. The combined strength of Head Constables and Constables, according to reply of RTI application, is as under:

Police Station ——–Available Strength —— Sanctioned Strength

Dwarka Police Station ——-102——————-173
Dwarka North —————-75——————-178
Palam ————————70——————-146
Total —————————–247———————-497

Forum has attracted the attention of the Commissioner to the fact that there is a shortfall of more than 50%, leaving aside the personal on leaves, training and other duties such as courts, VIP movements and 24-hour duty roaster, which is very less for a population of over 6 lakh plus residents of neighbouring villages. Emphasizing further to increase the strength, he said that the Dwarka Sub-City falls very close to Delhi Border with multiple entry/exit. Proximity to IGI Airport and high-rise dense Society Apartments make it porous to crime and even terrorists. Dwarka Forum has also appealed for the installation of CCTV cameras at the entry and exits of the markets for beefing up the security.