Dwarka: Property Tax 2011-2012, useful info

Col Shivraj
Mob : 9810433842


Property Tax for the year 2011-12 became due on 1 Apr, 2011.
However, the early payment rebate of 15 % is available till 30 Jun.
As the bank interests are not attractive and to avoid rush at the last minute, it is recommended that the Property Tax may please be paid at the earliest.
MCD has developed a good system for ON-LINE entering your data. 
This has many advantages:
1. The data is accurate because it is filled by you or under your supervision.
2. You will not have to fill the form every year.
3. This will reduce the risk of new mistakes which can occur if a new form is filled every year.
4. Once the basic data is filled in, the computer calculates the Property Tax including rebates and discounts.
5. Your data about payments etc shall always be up-to-date.
6.  You will not have to enter data every year.
7. It saves a lot of paper work thus saves trees.
While using the ONLINE system, the system asks for a PASS WORD.
Pl fill any Pass Word of your choice and note it down for future entry into the system.
Pl spread this message to your friends & relatives.

Pl do not hesitate to contact me for any clarifications.
Request help those in your area  who do not have access to computer.