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Delhi Lokayukta

Aims and objective of the Organisation

The institution of Lokayukta has been set up to inquire into the allegations against Public Functionaries in the National Capital Territory of Delhi and for matters connected therewith.

The mission of the Institution of Lokayukta is as under:-
To eradicate the vice of corruption, favouritism, abuse of position & power among the public functionaries.
To improve efficiency & to present correct image of the top public functionaries;and To promote fairness and honesty.

Wake up call by Justice Sarin
The present Lokayukta of National capital Territory of Delhi, Justice Manmohan Sarin assumed charge in November, 2008. Justice Sarin at the outset acknowledges that despite the institution being in existence for over 10 years, it has remained under utilized.

The statute envisages a significant role for the Lokayukta in the crusade against corruption in polity and public life. This needs to be fulfilled. One of the factors for under utilization is the lack of awareness of the existence of the institution of Loakyukta, its functions and utility.
It is necessary for the public at large to know about the existence, constitution and working of this institution for redressal of their complaints / grievances against highly placed Public Functionaries. The nature of complaint and grievances which can be entertained by the Lokayukta needs to be widely known, namely corruption, misuse of authority, nepotism and wrong doings of Public Functionaries. Further, the Lokayukta can also make recommendations with regard to procedures and practices which breed corruption or maladministration. The complainant and/or citizen coming forward must feel reassured that an independent authority would examine and deal with his complaint / grievance swiftly and fairly and make the recommendation to the Competent Authority. …


Contacts of Delhi Lokayukta
Office of the Lokayukta
Government Of NCT Of Delhi,
‘G’ Block, Vikas Bhawan,
I.P. Estates, New Delhi-110002.
Tel:2337-0570, 2337-0865, 2337-0561, 2337-0073
Fax: 2337-8155
Helpline No. 23370100
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