M. K. Gupta,
Dwarka Forum

The Delhi police has identified 12 points for the installation of traffic lights in Dwarka Area. This was informed by Mr. Prabhakar, DCP to M. K. Gupta of Dwarka Forum in reply dated 9.5.2010 to his RTI application. The points are:

S. No.——Points——————————Work order issued on

1.Police Post Sector 16-B, T Point——————–5.2.09
2.APJ School, Sect. 8/9——————————5.2.09
3.Judicial Academy Chowk, Sec. 14/17/16———–5.2.09
4.T-Point Under Pass——————————-20.3.10
5.Bharthal Village Xing, Sec. 23———————-8.4.10
6.Near Akshardham Apart. Sec. 19.——————8.3.10
7.Dwarka Int. School——————————–20.3.10
8.Kaveri Chowk. Sec. 5/6—————————8.4.10
9.Patel Chowk. Sec. 4 & 5————————–8.4.10
10.Sec 10 & 11————————————16.4.10
11.Kargil Chowk———————————–20.3.10
12.Sec 12 & 13 & Sec 17/18 Xing—————-20.3.10

The work orders for installations for traffic signals have been given to M/s. CMS Traffic System Ltd. The date of completion is 25 days after issuing the work order. However, from the reply, it is not clear that even after over 25 days, why these lights have not been installed at some points such as Kaveri Chowk and so on. M/s. CMS Traffic Systems Ltd. New CTS Plaza, Kilokari, New Delhi is maintaining the existing lights and Shri Rajesh Khanna, Service Manager is responsible for the maintenance of these lights. He can be contacted on his number 98 11 05 90 50. In case of fault with any traffic light, a complaint at traffic helpline No. 23010101 may be lodged.