Sri VIS, Dwarka is continuing with the British Council’s Connecting Classroom Programme. Its partner from YSGOL CYNWYD SANT, Wales, UK , Ms Tegwen Ellis, the Head Teacher, Ms.Rhian Cornish and Ms. Rebecca Morgan visited school for a week in February and shared innovative pedagogical skills and techniques with the students and the mentors.

They were witness to the showcasing of Folk Tales of the World presented by Class II students which were a part of the school’s ongoing global project. The visitors conducted a story telling session in the school’s auditorium the next day and made students enact a Welsh story through puppets. 

As a part of the Culinary Delights Project students of Class IV , prepared and presented a variety of Indian Dishes like Gattekisabzi, Dhokla, GajarKaHalwa , Poshtu, RajmaChawal and a native Welsh dish Onion Cake. The delegates were impressed by the display of gastronomic platter of the young Sri Venkateshwarites. MsTegwen Ellis gifted the master chefs souvenirs and shared the story behind the ingredients of some of the Welsh cuisines. A tete a tete session with the Eco-Club and Cyber Club members left an indelible mark on both the partners where they acknowledged their responsibility as global citizens.

They had their first rendezvous with Sufi Music when they heard lilting notes of the accomplished musicians of SVIS, they also taught Welsh Dance steps to the students and staff. They attended a painting session for learning landscape painting, leaf impressions and worli art. They took back a lot of ideas for craft work. The delegation experienced the Indian Presentation, Cuisine, Costume and Culture during their visit to Haridwar and local markets of Delhi. Smitten by the enthusiasm and warmth of the Indian counterparts the mesmerized visitors left with richer understanding of education pattern and culture. The School principal Ms. Nita Arora and GSP Coordinator MsRenuka are looking forward to the exchange visit to happen soon.