Vijay K. Saluja

To the left & right of the society-flats in Dwarka, where I live, stand six, ten-twelve storeyed- blocks-vacant, ardently waiting for their prospective occupants & mute spectators to the official apathy & bungling by/in [as is being told heard/told] their society management, whichthus have brought these blocks under Court/CBI scanner!, and scanning, is going on, as heard, for the last more than two years?

Result-Some of the mute blocks, howl?! When? As & when , there are squalls. Some of the unlatched doors & windows bang & bang to their hearts-content, making as much noise as possible & then come crashing down,their window panes, creating `crescendo` of their own, with splintered glasses falling at intervals & then scattered all around, thus creating some `work` for the security people of those blocks.

With the scanning period –lengthening, the` health` of these earlier healthy & robust, blocks is also on the wane?!

Some of their walls are showing signs of distress-chipping plaster/external cladding/treatment, dampness due to some leaking joints & what not?

This is the story in many of the other apartments in various sectors of Dwarka, which are under `scanner`?!

But why, the diagnosis is taking so long? Is there inadequate infrastructure, less doctors lack of trained staff to do so or no competent report-writers after the diagnosis???

When will the treatment start?

What about the health of all those who have invested their hard-earned money, hopes & aspirations in these flats?

How about, so much housing stock lying vacant for years together,in the days of shortage of housing in Delhi?

What about the financial/functional hardships to all those flat-buyers, & their families who have no remote connection with the scam & scamsters, if any?

What sort of governance/arbitration in this episode which is affecting thousands of persons, is going on?

Is it good –governance? It it justice? Is it fair?
I leave these questions to ponder over by the concerned authorities-RCS, Delhi Govt ,MCD, DDA etc etc.

Be a caring govt.
Let there be caring Govt.
What fault is there of the honest, hard-working flat buyers?
Just think about it-dear Delhi Govt.

Writer is:

Senior Fellow -Institute of Social Sciences-New Delhi www.issin.org
Ex Chief Engineer[civil] -New Delhi Municipal Council
Ex President, IIT Delhi Alumni Association