Dwarkaites demand viable solution for DAILY Flyover jam

Mr. S.N. Shrivastava ————————– October 21, 2009
Joint Commission Police – Traffic
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Removal of speed breakers – Dwarka Palam Flyover

This is to bring to your attention that despite many suggestions submitted to you regarding removal of unwanted speed breakers on the Dwarka Palam flyover, we are extremely disappointed and anguished to see few additional speed breakers have suddenly come up almost overnight, since yesterday evening causing severe traffic jams lasting for over 1 hour and stretching to 5-6 kms. Yesterday even at 9.30pm there were long rows and queues of vehicles. So you can imagine the plight of the commuters and the harrowing time we all had to go through to cover this stretch, which actually takes 5 to 10 minutes to the max! This is absolutely unacceptable situation.

This flyover takes almost 10,000 vehicles per hour at any given point of time and the maximum speed which you can drive on this stretch is 40 Km/hr. The installation of speed breakers, on the pretext of safety (as per the Traffic Inspector), is quite ridiculous. At this speed you do not need any speed breakers at all.

We fail to understand why on earth our suggestions are not being looked into. We can only request your department and DDA to please, please and please have effective communication with each other and come up with a viable solution rather than create more problems to the already harassed Dwarkites. Delhi roads are anyway over flowing with vehicles and we, Dwarkites, anyway have tough time getting in and out of Dwarka, we certainly do not need additional hurdles put in our way.

This matter requires your urgent intervention.

We request you to please instruct the relevant authorities to take immediate steps to remove these speed breakers (Also, again, these are not according to the standard specification laid down).

We would appreciate if you to please call/convene a meeting of all concerned authorities including us, concerned with this flyover, at a mutually convenient time to thrash out this problem once and for all.

We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Best regards,

(Member – Dwarka Forum)