Exchanging Business Cards: Give Its Due Respect

Dr KK Aggarwal
Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee
President, Heart Care Foundation of India

1. A business card is a powerful tool for self-advertisement.
2. Never offer your business card at the start of conversation with a stranger. Let him or her get interested in you before you offer the cad
3. Never give the card unless someone is interested in it. Ask “can I give my business card to you” or “Can I have your business card”

4. Never distribute your business card as if you are dealing playing cards.
5. Never pass out business cards like you would pass around sheets of paper or playing cards.
6. Keep them in a business card case.
7. Offer the card in such a way that the recipient can read them right side up.
8. As the recipient takes a card make an effort to keep up polite chatter.
9. Comment as you take the card from the other person. Then, subtly, put it in your pocket.
10. Keep your business card case inside a easily reachable pocket.

11. Business card is representative of the image you are trying to get across. They should never be creased, wrinkled, dirty, or scribbled upon or carry a phone number.
12. Keep cards spotless and crisp. Keep them inside a business card case.
13. When visiting other countries or states have your information printed in English on one side and in the language of the country you’re visiting on the other.
14. In Asia use two hands to give and receive cards.
15. Put the card that you receive on the tabletop until the meeting ends.
16. If you ask someone for a business card, offer yours in return and vice versa
17. Exchanging business cards is as important as a handshake.

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