DDA not fulfilled assurances given for the Rohini Residential Scheme, 1981 in LS

M K Gupta

On 12.03.2010, Sh. Mahabal Mishra, MP, Lok Sabha asked about the time by which the plots to remaining registrants of Rohini Residential Scheme are likely to be allotted. In reply to this, the Shri Saugata Rao, Minister of State in the Ministry of Urban Development, “DDA has further informed that 16,000 plots, which are under development in five sectors in Rohini, would be allotted to the waiting registrants in a time span of about 18 months” and that the balance, approximately 9,000 waiting registrants, would be allotted plots in about three years time after development of three additional sectors. The time span of about 18 months was over in Sept. 2011 and not even a single plot has been allotted by that time. On attracting the attention of the Chairperson of the Assurance Committee on Govt. Assurances towards the unfulfilled assurances, K. Sona, Under Secretary, Lok Sabha Secretariat in its reply has informed “As per record of the Committee on Government Assurances Branch, these replies have not been treated as assurances”. (The applicant has also drawn the attention of the Committee towards some other assurances also on this issue). If that is the case, what is the use and value of the aforesaid assurance given by the Govt on behalf of the DDA? This shows the manner in which the Committee on Govt. Assurances treats the clear assurance given by the Minister. 
In the strarred question No. 162 on 5th December, 1983, Shri Nihal Singh, M.P. Lok Sabha said that Govt. promised to allot plots within five years to all the registrants but only 20,000 registrants have been allotted plots in two draws so far. He said, it means that 90% registrants are still awaiting and by when all the registrants will be alloted the plots, the rates may be doubled. He asked the Minister of Works and Housing whether the plots will be allotted at the rates declared at the time of inviting the applications.

To this, Shri Buta Singh, the then Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Sports and Works and Housing assured, “About the price, it has been given out by DDA when it was registered, and it will be same as decided on the date of registration.”

The Minister has said clearly that “it has been ………………….. date of registration.” The DDA itself has not fulfilled its own assurance and charged much higher rates in the draws held at different invervals and therefore is guilty of breaching of assurance made by the Govt. in the Lok Sabha, The million-dollar question is “Who is Supreme, DDA, Govt or the Lok Sabha? The Rohini Association has informed about this to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Mrs. Meira Kumar. Will the LS take action against the DDA for bringing the Govt. and the House to disrepute? Rohini Association has also sent letters on this to the Union Minister of Urban Development, Shri. Kamal Nath, State Min. Shri Saugata Roy, Lt. Governer/ Chairman, DDA, Vice Chairman, DDA and others.