Sustained dedication, sincere efforts & high dreams are the key factors for successful student.-DR.S.S.Bansal

Our Managing Editor Mr. S. S. DOGRA spoke to Dr. S. S. BANSAL Educational Counselor.
Dr. Bansal has a vast experience in this field, let us chalk it out what he says about his field:

What is the concept of counseling?
Concept of counseling is vital. It plays a complimentary role in hotch-potch, hurry worry life full of a unnecessary tension. It causes all uneasiness.

Whether the parents are aware of counseling?
No parents are not fully aware parents attitude is quite different as their expectation are higher than reality. Generally they ;prefer short cut methods, which causes harm and hampers the performance of the students. Generally students score less mark, their preparation urban parents are more co-operative than that of metros.

Who are the most worried parent, business class, service class or self employed?
Really no body is interested for future. As they have no plans for future. Parents have no time to think specially business class about the future of their ward. Yest to some extent self-employed and service people have little concerned we can say adequate concern.

When counseling is required?
When a student get his voice box visible on his front neck or his voice changes his frequency roughly we can say in 8th or 9th class. Because no one plans to fail but fail to plan. They must consult as and when required certain hormones changes future planning and adolescence age problem.

What are the qualities a Counselor should possess?
A counselor must have knowledge on child psychology, problem of youth in teenagers and for career where his/her interest lies. Candid opinion what student can help a lot on a biased opinion by parent.

What are the expectation of parents from counselor?
Parents expects a lot from a counselor specially in the field of marks orientation. But their expectations are more important to the caliber of their wards, more over they entrust their ward within their own liking.

How can a counselor help the student?
A counselor can give rough idea about the attitude of the student How to co-operate and implement the views & counselor is totally neglected most of the parents.

What are the charges of consultation?
Of course, it’s absolutely free for registered member of But in special case where mingled psi is concerned then an IQ Test is conducted which charges Rs.1000/- per head.

Whether there are counseling institution in Delhi? Please name few?
There are many institutions for counseling. They are having their different methods caliber and approaches. But can not name any one because it will cause some misunderstanding.

What is the importance of counselor and how his advise can bring fruit?
Yes it is a question of all concerned. If any students acts according to the advises of counselor The student will take care of his I.Q. with optimum potentials and proper path career counsellng should not be optional. One decided the student must strict to it.

Q. What is the image of counselor in the mind of students?
Generally the mind of students is fully occupied with their personal approaches. They can not think beyond it. When any counselor gives him right observation & timely advice student can never forget his counsellor.

Q.Generally, what are the various problem faced by the student. Please specify their nature?
Synchronization, Time management, paper attempting techniques, Systematic & Sequential preparations for exams, Expecting Quick results within short time span, Ambiguous target, Misconceptional attitudes, prejudiced notions, Multidirectional efforts, Lack of competitive spirits, adoption of shortcuts methods, Examination phobia.

Q. Nowadays it’s craze in the students to attend coaching/tuition classes by paying high amount of charges, is it helpful in strict sense of term to students and parents.
Truly speaking, it’s helpless and hamper the growth of the student by adversely affecting the time management of the student, it encourages only multi-directional approaches amongst students Dementia (Forget fullness) fatigue mental exhaustion, lack of confidence, weak memory and poor grasping ability, slow learning and low interact, behaviour disorder irritability, anxiety, aggressiveness & stress are the side effects of so called excellent coaching among the students.

Q. What is your experience in this field?
I am in this field since 1994 and with a mission wander mind to wonder mind so far in ten states more than 1160 schools had been counseled in Punjab, Haryana, UP, Uttrakhand, Delhi, Rajasthan, M.P. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and more states are seeking my services.

What are the role of teacher, parent in the life of a student?
Role of parents is to implements the ideas and skill of their ward. Teachers role is an important which like farmer who cultivate the mind within knowledge and skill. Teachers’s role can be ignored.
No one plans to fail but fail to plan executives seldom waits event to happen they make its to happen.

How true education can be achieved nowadays where competition is the prime factor?
There is no doubt that the fact that true education is never achieved by an accident. It comes as a result of sustained dedication and sincere efforts, high drams, wise counseling and planned execution with positive optimistic approaches.

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