Festival of Art and literature at N.K BAGRODIA PUBLIC SCHOOL

Festival of art and literature was celebrated with much zest and enthusiasm on 7 December 2017. A mélange of activities was organized during the course of two months; October-December, wherein students from all the classes (VI-XII) were involved in the activities that covered as many as twenty two renowned authors, poets and painters (individually) and their works. Apparently subsumed under the umbrella of International School Awards 201, it was an opportunity to compare and contrast the familiarities or rather universality of art and literature around the globe as the theme of the Project- “Art is Humanity talking to itself” was meticulously dealt with. 

On this occasion a mosaic of paintings and sketches displayed the fine strokes of more than 700 students, an attempt to experiment with the dynamics of art and culture which is an essential attribute to be a global citizen. Besides, a brief cultural program was staged including International dance forms along with a multilingual song (including English, Hindi and French composition) represented the diversity of human culture. An Elaborate court scene of The Merchant of Venice was also staged by the students of class XI paying homage to the great ‘Bard of Avon- Shakespeare’ and his universality. Mr. Patrick Mephepo, Deputy Commissioner from Embassy of Malawi graced the occasion and appreciated the performers for their strenuous effort to establish justice. He was mesmerized when students rocked the stage with an electrifying dance performance and himself joined the troupe on stage to shake a leg. Purusharth of class XI E was awarded as ‘the Best Artist of the school’ for his finesse.

The infinite depth of art and literature is impossible to account within a couple of months. Therefore, the willful investigations into the life and works of great litterateurs were restricted to countries like United Kingdom, Russia, France, Italy and India. The event culminated with the inspiring words from the chief guest who entreated them to preserve the legacy of art and literature irrespective of the country or culture they belong. He congratulated them for their effort as he perceived that they have journeyed far beyond the narrow precincts of their classrooms to investigate the familiarity of human experience across countries unlike the usual study of literature of their own nation.