Zindagi introduces two new enthralling dramas

Prembabu Sharma

Zindagi with its continuous slate of real and superlative stories from across the border has always managed to hit the right chord with its viewers. Premiering on 17th and 18th September, the channel will air two new shows titled ‘Ru Baru’ and ‘Bilqees Kaur’. They are stories with a perfect blend of entertainment and drama that promise to leave a lasting impact on the viewers.

Premiering 17th September, ‘Ru Baru’, with an interestingly complex storyline is a story of a young girl, Shabiha, who after losing her parents moves in with her grandmother and uncles, and is brought up by them. Her grandmother gets her married to her cousin’s friend, Sarmad, who is later found out to be her step-brother. The story talks about the love, betrayal and revenge that recoils once this relationship unfolds. The drama includes the very talented Saira Yousuf, Faizan Khawaja and Adnan Siddique in lead roles.

Launching on 18th September, ‘Bilqees Kaur’, is a story that you will fall in love with because of the beauty of its script, the flawless performances, the impeccable storyline and the mesmerising star power. Starring the very talented Bushra Ansari as Bilqees Kaur, it is about a working mother who uses the stick approach to prevent her children from making the same mistakes as she did. The story depicts, how in trying to keep her new family close, Bilqees manages to drive them away. ‘Bilqees Kaur’ is a lively and entertaining drama and sets itself apart with a true showcase of the realistic side of life.