Fight potbelly obesity in the up-coming year

• Normal weight obesity is a new epidemic of the society
• Abdominal obesity is a risk factor for heart attacks and diabetes

Normal weight obesity is a new epidemic of the society. Most people measure obesity by calculating their BMI. However it has often been noticed that height and weight alone cannot be used to measure obesity.

As per Vedic Medicine, a person can have three personalities – Vata (Deer personality), Pitta (Lion personality) and Kapha (Elephant personality). People with Deer personality may have lower BMI and people with Elephant personality may have high BMI yet they may be defined as normal and not obese.

The current and the correct method for evaluating obesity is the presence of body fat, especially the fat in the tummy and around the abdomen. Any male with an abdominal circumference of more than 90 cm or female with one more than 80 cm can be said to be suffering from abdominal obesity. Abdominal obesity is a risk factor for future heart attack and diabetes.

Speaking about the dangers of pot-belly obesity, Dr S S Agarwal – National President and Padma Shri Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal – Honorary Secretary General IMA and President HCFI in a joint statement said, ”People suffering from normal weight obesity have a normal BMI as per their age and height however they have an above normal abdominal circumference. Typically, these are the people who otherwise look normal but have a potbelly. A liver ultrasound in such individuals will show the presence of a fatty liver. It is extremely important that such people seek help from their doctor and make necessary lifestyle changes immediately to avoid developing life-threatening diseases in the future”.