Floods situation is grim.. Its time to act now !!

Dear Friends,

Here are some pictures, sent by our teams from the ground. Parts of Assam, MP and Uttarakhand are facing massive floods, causing wide scale devastation and loss of life and belongings. Many other states are on high alert, given the increased water levels in many rivers.

Not much is there in national media but the ground realities do need urgent action. Our teams are there, the need of the hour is material !! Do join ‘Rahat Floods‘ campaign by Goonj and let’s do whatever we all can..

Here’s what we need in bulk quantities;

* Urgent Relief Material – Clothes (of all age group), Tarpaulins & ropes, Blankets, Solar lights, Mosquito Nets, Dry-Ration (rice, pulses, spices etc.), Bed sheets & curtains, Utensils, Buckets & Mugs, Water purifier tabs, Torches, Umbrellas & raincoats, Crutches, Candles, Toiletries & sanitary pads, school material etc.

* Monetary resources – for essential purchases & logistics, refer http://goonj.org/page_id=22576/

Do contribute and motivate others to join the campaign. Please refer the poster below to organise collection drives in your societies, company, schools, colleges etc..

Write to us – mail@goonj.org for any details you require. For more information, please keep an eye on – Facebook, Twitter, Website With best

Anshu Gupta
Founder Director