For your own safety : SERVANT Verification- a MUST & PRIORITY

Citizen’s Reporter
Ashok Chaitanya

Advocate, Delhi High Court

The recent incidents of unfortunate murders in NCR has once again rung up the alarm to think over what steps we ought to take for our own safety. We can not go on blaming only the Police for their inefficiency; we too are equally responsible for the same. The security is concern matter for all of us. We need and we must extend our full support to the police to curb this menace. I urge upon all of us to kindly remain vigilant all around. I request that we all should adopt following security steps:

While employing a servant:

1.  Please take some photographs of the servant immediately whom you are going to employ. Such photographs should be in more than one poses.

2. Please take the fingers impression of all the fingers of the servant before you actually employ him or her.

3. Try to take his/ her handwriting samples.

(One set of all the abovesaid documents/ papers/ photos etc, keep with yourself and a few other sets of said material supply to your relatives/ other family members living separate from you. This would be very helpful in nabbing the culprit in case of any untoward incident.)

4. Before you employ the servant please check his/ her antecedents through various available sources.

5. Most Important, Please do get the verification of your servants by Police as soon as possible. Put this job in your priority list.

6.  Please never let your servant have access to your room / valuables etc.

7.  Do cross-check the honesty of your servant through various means and in any case never blindly trust your servant/ maid.


  • Please keep vigil on your neighbours too. Normally we don’t keep any contacts with our neighbours, in most of the case we don’t know even the names and the work places etc of our neighbours. This may be a serious hazard for our security. 
  • If  found any abnormal behaviour in surround please report the matter to the concerned police authority immediately. 
  • Keep your eyes and ears open. 
  • In the way and in market etc please be vigilant and security conscious. Report to police any abnormal activity you notice anywhere. This would certainly check the terror plans and criminal activities of any servant or anti social elements.

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