Neighbour Hood Ladies celebrated Republic Day at Dwarka

Cicily Kodiyan
Neighbour Hood Ladies celebrated Republic Day at Navrattan Society Plot7A sector23 Dwarka. Shri Mukesh Sinha, inaugurated the traditional lamp which had six cotton bathis representing six decades of the Republic anniversary ,along with Mr Sinha six other people from sectors 22, 23, 6,9 ,10 and a person representing the senior citizen lit the lamp and national anthem was played. bouquet was given to Mr.Mukesh Sinha by Ms.Priya Nair , bouquet to Dr.Manoj by Mrs Wazir and a bouquet to Mrs.Anubha Trivedi by Mrs.Anju.
Mr. Mukesh Sinha spoke about the Republic Day sixty years of our achievements, but still we have to achieve full employment and full literacy everyone have to have a roof health protection etc. He mentioned Dwarka is better place in comparison with many other areas in Delhi with wide roads and innumerable parks, wide open spaces and metro has added more advantage apart from the beautiful low floor circular buses which ply within Dwarka. In course of time the water, electricity and law and order problems will also be solved. If we all stand together especially ladies come forward,we can make the society wonderful city enviable to other city in India.

Smt Cicily Kodiyan Chief Coordinator of NHGLT in her welcome speech told that last one and a half years since its starting were trying to solve the problems of sector 22 and 23 contacting various concerned departments, even though we did not get cent percent results we did get some improvement in solving the problems of the area, this has given us encouragement to extend to other sectors of Dwarka. MCD has started sweeping, removing garbage, horticultural department maintaining the parks civil dept repaired the broken roads in the main areas. All these works are not done regularly, side roads and by lanes are very bad dilapidated conditions. Street lights in by lanes and sides roads are nil, we have written to them innumerable times by registered letters and under certificate of posting but no reply or no reaction from them. As the parks and by lanes are dark in the night it becomes center of unsocial elements and criminal activities.

Mrs. Kodiyan informed that in order to keep Dwarka clean and beautiful and to make the young children aware of their responsibilities towards the cleanliness a topic Keep Dwarka Neat and Beautiful was given to the children on Republic day. Ms.Jushta and Master Ashitosh of Green Towers spoke on it. We have to teach these habits to the children in childhood itself.

We are planning to have these competitions in every society of each sectors in Dwarka. Our main aim being awakening Community Responsibility and social solidarity among the people. Ladies of Jagran and DGS sang patriotic songs followed by a skit ‘A Boy with a Voice ‘Inquilab Zindabad .Ten children from Green Valley sector 22 enacted in the play which was directed by Mrs. Anubha Trivedi.It was a a very inspiring and befitting skit on this auspicious occasion.The whole hall echoed by slogans of martyrs. Ms. Anju subhang gave the leadership for the slogans giving energy and enthusiasm to the audience who participated vigourously. After the slogans Ms. Sudha Singh of Prabha Apartments did the Hasiya Vyang making the audience laugh . Ms.Jushta and Ms. Shreya played on the santoor. Dr Manoj gave a demonstration on Naturotherapy treatment of sickness without medicines. The programme was anchored by Mrs.RajiKurup deputy convener of NHLGT.