Believe in yourself, the rest follows you says Shie Lobo

Fashion Industry has become the most popular in Youth. Our Managing Editor Sh.S.S.Dogra spoke to Shie Lobo the Fashion icon. Let’s check it out

How do u come into fashion/Modelling Industry? 
Fashion happened to me not by accident but by an incident which stuck my heart. Thought. The only change in fashion choreography is being not yourself every time

Define yourself : r u a fashion designer or a choreographer? 

I think i am a designer who choreographs fashion into a different stream

Have u got any formal education before entering into this profession? I think fashion is thought, but style is inborn. I believe in the latter.

What is your educational qualification? 

I am a post graduate in English literature

R u Mumbai based or elsewhere? 

I am based out of everywhere, where fashion is required

What is the scope in this profession? 

Scope has to elucidated in this profession. We have to look through a wider horizon through an angle where people fail to look at.

What is the parameter for a good model? Qualities should a model possess to get success ? A model should understand the difference between music and rhythm. Attribute to right clothing, attitude in posture, aesthetics which are right are the qualities what a model should posses is what my opinion is.

Name few Prominent Fashion Designer/Choreographer/Bollywood star with whom u work & enjoyed. I like all people whom i worked till date and i love everybody cause i have different styles of working with different people

Whether Modelling is the base or entry gate for Cinema/film? 

I would never agree.

Name few famous Magazine/TV channel/website (Indian/foreign) that r promoting fashion industry/beauty shows. 

Trends, Verve, Vogue, FTV, On Screen

Any message for the upcoming models/choreographer/fashion designers.

Believe in yourself, the rest follows you.