Free Live Workshop on Sujok Therapy in Dwarka on 25th Sept., 2011

Free Live Workshop
Sujok Therapy
(Pain Relief & Cure other ailments)
Date: Sunday, the 25th Sept., 2011, Time: 10 a.m. onwards. 

Venue: Golf View Apartments, Plot-4, Sector-19B, Dwarka.
Dr.S.R.Aggrawal (Famous Sujok Expert) & Dr.Deepak Sharma(renowned Sujok Therapist) will deliver lecture on Sujok Therapy.
Call for Registration (Limited seats available):
Dr.R.K.Bhardwaj (M.D.Accu Pressure) M:9650390009
Brief Profile of Dr.R.K.Bhardwaj
*M.D. AccuPressure and a Registered Practitioner of alternative Medicine.
* M.A. Ph.D and Retired College Principal of Gaur Brahamin College,  
   Rohtak, Haryana.
*Received Sujok Training from Prof. Park , Korea-“Father of Sujok” &
   Dr.Violetta of Moscow-Russia.
* Member of prestigious World Society of Integrated Medicine, USA.
*Received Yoga Training from Famous Yog Guru Swami Raj Dev Ji Maharaj, & another training Programme from Kevlyadham Lonavalla, Pune.

Note: Anybody can learn Sujok Therapy in one month course & earn Rs.10,000/p.m. on part time basis.

Mobile: 9650390009 Ph.011-28042394

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