Ashok Agarwal

Most of the people are not aware of the facility of totally free treatment to the patients belonging to the economically weaker section (whose family income is up to Rs. 7020/- per month) to the extent of 10% IPD and 25% OPD in 45 identified big private hospitals of Delhi. EWS patient from any part of the country is eligible for this facility. In the absence of such awareness most of these private hospitals are looting the poor patients who are otherwise eligible for totally free treatment. No documentary proof of any kind is required to show the family income. Mere declaration by the patient or his or her relative is enough proof of the income. The declaration form has to be supplied by the Hospital itself. When a patient is referred by any government hospital to any of the identified private hospital under ews category, the declaration form is filled up at the government hospital and is sent to the private hospital along with the patient. It is all a matter of right and also a great opportunity to be availed of.