French Week celebrated at Sri VIS

Sri VIS brings the students closer to the world by incorporating a number of international projects in its curriculum. Foreign languages receive a special status as the school encourages learning of French, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese amongst them French is the most popular foreign language at Jh VIS with approximately half the students from classes 5th to 8th opting for it. The school celebrated the French week from the 14th to 21st July which coincided with the National Day of France- 14th July.

It is important to know that French is spoken in almost 33 countries worldwide and the school firmly believes that this language truly merits itself to be celebrated well with grandeur. Celebrations for the French week were initiated by group presentations by students in their classes on various topics on the France culture. For example French cheese, French wines, French fashions, French cars etc. For a creative and an interesting representation, a French assembly was organized which showcased presentations, a small enactment of the French revolution, a Rap song highlighting the various cultural differences between India and France followed by a peppy dance on the song named “L’ amour” by Amel Bent and a group song giving a synopsis of the French revolution & the phase of napoleon Banaparte in the history of France. The National Anthem of France known as “Marseillaise” marked the ending of the assembly along with a few words of wisdom by the school Principal on the occasion.