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Current Social Scenario
If we look around and observe numerous social issues in our country, one might wonder why are we not doing anything about these problems or why are things not improving. Are there not enough responsible citizens and organizations? That’s how the phrase Is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta”  has become so popular.
As per our experience, everyone, if given a chance, would like to contribute toward a better society and a better nation.  However, majority of us are not able to convert our thoughts into action due to several reasons:-
1.)    Lack of time.
2.)    Lack of trust in NGOs.
3.)    Fear of our money being misused
4.)    Not knowing where to start and how to start.
5.)    Absence of a cause that is close to your heart.
One can become a change agent in many ways like by volunteering, by donating money or by starting their own social movement. Volunteering faces challenge of lack of time and commitment. Donation faces challenges lack of credibility and effectiveness. Starting own social movement faces numerous challenges like lack of funds, lack of experience and support.
Did you know there is 1 NGO for every 400 Indians (source : Indian Express) ?
If we look at the sheer number of NGOs in India, one can understand that there are many organizations and many people trying to serve the society. Hence, perhaps the easiest way for a person who is not able to engage full time in social reforms is to help these NGOs and support these individuals who have already decided to dedicate their lives to social change. But then comes the problem of Who? How ? and most important “credibility”.
GiveIndia, a nonprofit organization conceptualized by Mr. Venkat Krishnan , an IIM-A graduate in 2000, is trying to address the problem of credibility and effectiveness in social industry in India.
GiveIndia scrutinizes NGOs based on over 25 norms and then lists some 200+ NGOs from screening of around 3000+ NGOs.  The NGOs listed on GiveIndia are credible ensuring that every single donation reaches the right person.  There are 10 causes (like Education, Children, Disabled, Elderly, Woman ) and over 1000 donation options. Each donation option is also scrutinized on several parameters.
Every donor receives an individualized feedback for every donation apart from instant e-tax receipt.
GiveIndia has one of the lowest cost of fund raising and hence ensure that maximum amount of donation reaches the beneficiary. is a simple to use but highly advanced platform which brings donors and NGOs together in a simple interface. (Like a Philanthropy Market Place)
GiveIndia provides several options of fundraising for individuals (like iGive page, Payroll Giving, Standing Instructions).
The overall idea is to make donations easy for the users and NGOs and effective for social change.
Other Activities
To foster giving culture in India, GiveIndia undertakes several other initiatives. In past GiveIndia organized marathons and “Joy of Giving” week. Recently, “Future of Leadership” and
“First Giver Summit” was  held on July 30th 2010. However in all the activities the basic tenets of GiveIndia remains same – Credibility and Effectiveness.
Impact so far
GiveIndia in last 10 years channeled more than 80 Crore to 200+ NGOs around the countries creating a significant positive impact on 4 million lives. There are more than 80 organizations whose 35,000 employees regularly contribute towards a better nation.
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Getting Involved
GiveIndia always respects and values people committed to social change, who share our vision of a better and more caring nation.  You can donate to one of our partner NGOs to change a life. You can work with us. (Please check our website for more details on working and volunteering opportunities.) 
You can also help in spreading the culture of giving in India by spreading the word through your website, blog and social network.
Thank you for taking out time to explore GiveIndia. Let’s all work

towards a better , more caring nation.