The Powerful Mystical Technique for Dissolving a Curse

Spiritual Healer

A curse is a very strong negative etheric electricity of hate and destruction, forcefully directed towards a person with a wish to harm or hurt him. Curses works on the subtle plane. When a man is angry, out of temper, jealous then reasons and logic are generally thrown to back seat, and he consciously directs his negative emotions against whom he deliberately wishes harm in the form of curse.

A curse is a conscious supernatural negative thought form performed by an authoritative figure and accepted by person/society, whether or not they believe in it or not, the curses surely works.

If you are the victim of consciously directed hatred curse you could be in real trouble, ill health, undignostic diseases, psychic attacks, unexplained accidents, sudden deaths, miscarriages and nothing going right can be taken as evidence of curse in many cases.

The curse dissolving ritual

•Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position with closed eyes.

•Now visualise a beautiful pure stream, symbolical of spiritual energy and light pouring down from your Higher Self [which is a glowing sun, posited at 5 feet above your head], flowing down into your head and through your body. Visualize this purifying stream as washing away all harm and negativity within your system. Visualize the water also flowing at about three feet outside your physical body in order to clean your etheric and astral bodies. See all the evil and unpleasant influences being thoroughly cleansed out by the holy water. Seeing the water becoming dirty and muddy black, as it absorbs the negativity of evil curses, flowing out through your feet, out of your house, out on the street, down the drain. Now picture more clear, holy and beautiful water coming down through your body. Visualize it as strong as you can.

•Now take five to six very slow and deep breaths in order to build the Prana necessary to be offered to your Higher Self.

•Now visualise the accumulated Prana as a very high voltage electrical ball in your Solar-Plexus. Offer this Prana to your Higher Self, see the Prana surging up from your Solar-Plexus and out through your head as an active erupting volcano. See it forming into a huge circle, of light above your head.

•Within this circle of pure light now see you encased within the divine protection absolutely safe and secure.

•Now say firmly and positively with confidence- ” I am totally safe and secure within the holy light. Nothing can harm me from this moment on. With the power of my Higher Self I command any negative thought forms that are left within me to leave me this instant. As I will it, it is done. I will always remain in the divine protection of my Higher self.”

•Thanks your Higher Self for the divine protection, with a real feeling of gratitude and joy.

•Repeat the ritual at least once every day until all the evil and negative influences leave you completely and all the evil sent to you has been cancelled.

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