Global Astronomy Month celebrated at The Indian Heights School

Global Astronomy Month (GAM) is organized every year in collaboration with the international organization Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), with an aim to unite enthusiasts worldwide in celebrating Astronomy following the motto – One People, One Sky.

During the celebration a  variety of astronomy programmes were conducted. Students enthusiastically   participated in a number of  activities like Rajya Sabha Talk show, Visiting Russian Centre for science and culture, and Astronomy Meet. They also  celebrated SUN-Day, Yuri’s Night and Earth Day and telescopic Observations along with many other activities. 

Their  talent, creativity and love for astronomy  was clearly visible as they  participated  in Competitions like Astro-Art and Astro-Poetry.  All these activities provided a platform to the young learners to   build their skills in event planning, conduction and learn  science through hands on activities.