JM International School with the motive of Indian values Global outlook……..leaves no stone unturned to let their students undergo worthwhile global experience, given the competitive global scenario. 

20th January, 2014 will be looked upon with amazement and enthusiasm in the days to come ahead. Jmians participated in an educational & cultural exchange programme with Chinese Delegation from The Experimental School of the Capital Normal University , Beijing (China) under the Confederation of UNESCO Clubs & Associations of India (CUCAI). This programme witnessed the entire school involved & actively participating in the Foreign Exchange Programme aiming at the overall development of children, bridging cultural gaps and celebrating peace & unity in oneness.

A group of 15 Chinese students along with their teachers Zhang Jianwei & Wang Yuanyuan and the Principal / director Jin Chunyu, were marveled to see the diversity in the cultures. Welcomed in traditional Indian way, with tilak and garlands, Jmis Marshalls escorted the esteemed guests to auditorium for special morning assembly wherein Mr Dhirender Bhatnagar, Secretary General, CUCAI & Director of Group JIN CHUNYU were awarded with “Global Education Ambassador Award” and teachers with “Empowered Educator Award”. Students felt pleased to receive “Friends Forever memento” from the school children of JMIS.

The assembly began with an enriching PowerPoint presentation showcasing culture of India & China with amazing facts and figures which was thoroughly enjoying and informative, followed by the Invocatory dance, a choir presentation & a marvellous amalgamation of Indian Folk dances. Despite the language barriers the love for each other could be seen by the way audience, comprising of Chinese and Indian students, enjoyed watching the dance & music performances. Skit presented by class V on the social theme “Untouchbility” & a western dance performance by class VII students left the audience awestruck. A group talk was a sneak peek into each other’s cultures; a brief talk with flashcards on National symbols was held by VII students dressed in Indian & Chinese costumes. A folk dance medley, representing the dance forms of states namely Rajasthan & Gujarat saw the audience cheering & clapping all through.

The most memorable part of the assembly was the participation of the Chinese students themselves! They gave two spectacular performances, a solo dance & group song, which were enjoyed immensely by the students, with applaudable courage and enthusiasm. It was a true delight to eyes to watch the dance and song performances by Chinese students.

It was a great opportunity for Jmians to spread the heartfelt message of international peace & unity, a world unity pledge was shared spreading the vibes of tranquility. The assembly came to an end with the tribute to both the nations by rendering the national anthems of India and China.

During the school visit, the expressions of amazement and curiosity revealed that they were highly impressed by the activities being held in the classes, Montessori to XII, library, activity rooms & labs. The Chinese delegation appreciated the amplitude of learning, teaching methodologies, innovative ways of teaching, & overall personality development and confidence in children.

Exchange of token of love and sweet memories by the means of cards & gifts reflected that love overpowers cultural & language barriers. Once again Jmians surprised Chinese delegates by wishing in their way, ‘NI-HAO’ meaning ‘Hello’ and ‘XIE XIE’ meaning ‘Thank You’.