Good diet can help children to reduce over exam stress

 Dr. Abha Kashyap

As exam time approaches so does stress. Be it smoking, taking pills or skipping meals, students do everything possible to soothe their frayed nerves but all they need is a good diet that will help them tide over this period.

With diets having a bearing on moods, children should have light and frequent meals to help maintain blood and sugar levels

“During exams most students face a tough time. So, it is important for parents to provide a stress-free environment for their children. Many times children start taking drugs which badly disrupts their body.

Proper diet sets you mood. You need to have a diet that does not upset your psychological and physical being.

Soups, vegetable sandwiches, fruit juices and milk for a good night sleep are recommended. Sprouts are also useful in increasing energy levels. Having 12-14 glasses of water to maintain the hydration level of the body is another advantage.

Snacks like ‘chana’, ‘murmura’, dry fruits and roasted grains can also be of great help during exams.

However, sweets, oily and junk food should be voided as they cause stomach problems and makes one lazy and sleepy, according to another dietician.

“For students, who are in 10th and 12th class, competition and the pressure to score good marks generally forces them to sleep less and they ignore their diet. But a proper diet can go a long way in making a difference.

What to Eat?
· Take small frequent meals to ensure that the blood and brain sugar levels are well maintained.
· Take light dinner like-soups, veg. salad, veg. sandwich etc
· Have glass of fruit or vegetable juice daily.
· Drink 12-14 glass of water to maintain the hydration level in the body.
· Take snacks like channa, murmura , dry fruits, roasted grains or veg idli.
· To get a good night sleep drink one glass of milk before bedtime.
· Eat sprouts, which will make you energetic.

What to avoid?
· Avoid sweets as much as possible.
· Don’t eat oily or deep fried food because it can give you stomach problem
· Avoid heavy meals because you may feel lazy or sleepy.
· Avoid junk food as they can cause some problem.
· Avoid preservative foods as they can cause allergies.
· Avoid foods high in trans fats.

Diet plays an important role to set the mood of the children.