A group exhibition of Paintings

PremBabu Sharma

A group exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures & Graphic prints by young artists at All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society [AIFACS] is going on till Tuesday, September 20th. From 11am to 6pm.

A group show of drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures by eight up coming young artist Dialectic continues is a dialogue between cross pollinating reference points and an artistic vision. Art is always a product of a complex interplay of sources of inspiration and an artist’s creative urge. The exhibition Dialectic continues… features artists Arun kumar ), Angom Kiranjit Singh Chand Doliya, Hari Prajapat, Mala Srivastav, Neha Pathak, Rajesh Kumar and Vikas Kumar attempting to transform our sense of perception by recognizing existing elements and issues surrounded them. They try to establish their Dialects through visual representation of pathos and ethos. Alongside Dialectic there continues an exploration of space, form, surface, pictorial language and artistic perceptions. It is an attempt to deliver an aesthetic which is exhilaratingly fresh, diverse and exciting.

Art as a transitional process is a medium capable of offering the most complex and double edged forms of visual experience. The compulsion of investigating the interaction between the subject and object forms the core of these eight young energetic artists who have come together to show their oeuvre. They all seem to have the undercurrents of dialectic in their works. It’s an interesting group that is cohesive yet diversified and individualistic in their forms, mediums and techniques. The narratives in these creations reflect each artist’s individual perception which is either autobiographical or about society or surroundings in contemporary times. There is a sense of life imitating art and art imitating life.Show will be composed entirely of various mediums of visual arts consisting paintings, sculpture, graphic prints, in a wide variety of form and material.