Havan, Prvachan and discussions on treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat at Kamdhenu Godham

Monthly Havan, Prvachan and discussions on treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat were held at Kamdhenu Godham in Bisar Akbarpur, Tawdu (Noah) on Sunday 28th January, 2018. Shreeji Pithacharya Manishshankar ji blessed all the present with his Asheervachanas.

The Chief Guest, BJP’s National Vice President and In-charge of Delhi and Uttarakhand Mr. Shyam Jaju, appreciated the work done by Kamdhenu Goddham run by its founder president Shri SP Gupta, IAS (retired) and his wife Shrimati Shashi Gupta. He expressed his views that Kamdhenu Godham is a model Gaushala and it should be replicated throughout the country for preservation and protection of our indegenous cow and for rural development of our nation. Shri Jaju described Gopalan as the greatest philanthropic work. He said that the cow has been the basis of our economic, social progress. He said that we need to conserve and protect ourindigenous cows.

Shreeji Pithacharya Manishshankar ji Maharaj told that Gopalan is a symbol of happiness, prosperity, pride, achievement, charity, health, employment and progress. In Veda Puranas imporance and values of Gomata are well described and Gomata is called the Mother (Janini) of the World. He also told that for better well being and to save the mother earth, we will have to return to cow protection again. Shreeji Pithacharya told the audeince that Lord Krishna was very fond of the cow Surabhi and he foregave all the sins done by Indradeva on having darshanas of the Cow Surabhi. He also told that the man can go to heaven just even thinking of the cows and its presence around it. Shreeji Pithacharya ji described Kamdhenu Godham as an ideal and exemplary Gaushala which should be replicated throughout the country.

Dr. Arun Agrawal, a former Dean of Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi benefited the audience by sharing the ways for prevention and treatment of diseases related to Ear, Nose and Throat. Dr. Agrawal told that these deseases are commonly found in the children and old aged people. He also said in his talk that cow based drugs are highly effective and useful and by which man can easily treat many diseases.

The founder Chairman of Kamdhenu Godham and Chairman, Animal Welfare Board of India, Government of India Shri S.P. Gupta said that Nature Treatment Center and Vanaprastha Ashram are also being established in the campus, work of which has been started where people from all over the country will receive treatment. Shri Gupta said that our effort are on to preserve all the species of the our indegenous cows and its breeds.

The special guest Mr. Abhay Jain, President Mahavir International Gurugram, with whose collaboration Sewing Center and Adult Education Center for the upliftment of women in Kamadhenu Goddham is being run, he praised Kamdhenu Gowdham and said that the center running in Kamdhenu Gowdham better than other centres running by them. On this occasion, a certificate and free hand sewing machine was given to women who completed 6 months course from this center and the lady who ranked first was given the certificate along with foot operated swieing machine by the Chief guest. Smt. Shashi Gupta, Chairperson of Kamdhenu Gowdham and Arogya Sansthan conveyed vote of thanks to all the guests and Gobhakts and requested all present to please have prasada.

On this occasion Mr. Y.C. Modi, Director General, National Investigation Agency, Smt. Bhawna Malik, Councilor, Mayur Vihar Phase-II, New Delhi, Anuragg Agarwal, Secretary Ministry of Finance. social worker Shri Dharampal Pahlwan Kota, Mr. Tarun Bindal, Mr. Sunil Jindal, Ms. Rakhi Jindal, Mr. Rajkumar Agarwal, Mr. Fatehchand Bansal, Mr. Dharmir Garg alias Pappu, Mr. Mahendra Goyal, Mr. Anupam Gupta alias Vicky, Mr. Jagdish Baweja, Bhagwat Pandit, Anil Kumar Bissr, Shri Amit, JE HIPA, other dignitaries and Gowdham management committee and regional villagers were present.