Healing with Reiki

Geeta (Spritual Healer)

Reiki is a Japanese word which means ‘Universal Life Energy’.
Reiki is a healing art that utilizes the universal Life energy power, by channeling through Reiki therapist into the diseased individual for re balancing through “laying on of hands”.

Reiki can not be taught as ordinary knowledge, is instead, it is transmitted by the meditation and touch of a Reiki master to a student.

“Reiki belongs to the domain of the great mystery because it’s nature can never be verbally explained. We can only understand it through it’s calming soothing and healing effects. In this regard it is similar to “electricity” which can’t be explained either only used and applied according to certain laws.

Reiki is conscious loving touch. Reiki Therapist simply act as a channel or conduit for the energy which flows effortlessly to either himself ( in case of self treatment ) or to another.

Touch can nurture, centered and balanced the unbalanced energy of a person. Reiki bring the body into harmony by relieving physical and emotional blockages. Reiki heals the cause and eliminates the effects of imbalance. Reiki can be used with standard medical procedures and religious belief without conflict.

There are three degrees in Reiki.
1. First degree : 20% power transfer is administered by teacher and finally sealed in the student. The basic Reiki principles and methods for treating various ailments in oneself and other are taught.

2. Second degree : Consists of 100% power transfers. Unique method of absent healing is taught. Some symbols are taught to accelerate the treatment.

3. Third degree : This is master degree after which a person can teach Reiki and confer first and second degree through power transfer.

Reiki will never leave, once sealed in the student.
The increased of universal life energy through Reiki affects more than your physical and emotional health.
The life force energy makes no mistakes. The power transfers initiated by Reiki Masters last the entire life and beyond.
Meditation for mystical experience of Reiki energy

1. Take ten deep and even breath.
2. Relax your body.
3. Stand erect without any stiffness.
4. Visualize yourself in a intense bright blue coloured ellipsoid. The ellipsoid extends to about 9 inches beyond the surface of your body and about 16 inches above your head and below floor level at your feet.
5. Aware of this well defined field of intense blue light surrounding you. Now visualize a globe of brilliant silver white colour within the ellipsoid just above but not touching your head.
6. Concentrate your attention on this globe. It becomes brighter glowing white like burning magnesium. The globe represents your higher self. Feel connected to your higher self.
7. Simultaneously aware of blue ellipsoid around you and bright white globe over your head.
8. Aware of globe above your bead aspire the highest good your capable of conceiving.
9. Visualize the globe send down sparkly white light into your blue ellipsoid Aura and at same time send it to each and every cell of your body. This light will balance all the physical,, mental and emotional planes to promote health, happiness, prosperity and abundance for a long and a productive life.
10. Now your outer shell of your aura remains sharply defined as ellipsoid but now is filled with living vibrant sparking white light.
11. Continue this for as long as your concentration holds on. Then let it fade knowing hat it does not fake in real.
12. This technique of meditation leads rapidly to the realization of astral consciousness beyond the physical dimension. This allows more as unlimited wisdom and power of God manifest directly on the physical plane. It intensifies and focus the Reiki energy causing it to establish more firmly positive results in a definite grounded and permanent way. It protect the healing work that it does.

Reiki is healing and expression of love. It is a powerful healing energy.